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Phil Giffney

Friendly, fun and completely tailored to beginners! Highly recommended!


Colm Mc Glinchey

Excellent classes always changing to keep us guessing. Leighton's a great instructor and has a great range of class times to suit all


Aifric Saunderson

Really enjoyable classes as well as a great workout! Would highly recommend it!


Mary Scanlon Cawley

Can it be payed in instalments of does it have to be payed allat once


Jean MacQuillan

This is a great class and a brilliant workout if you want results this is the class to take. You work as hard as you want but you will work. I have lost 20lbs and haven't been this fit since my injury. It's the one workout that actually does work. Leighton is a great instructor, great group go to his classes and there is a super atmostphere, it is actually fun and you will see the results quite quickly. So give the class a go you won't be disappointed. More...


Andy Doyle

Great class, really noticed my fitness improving massively since joining , leighton runs a tight ship n were all seeing the results now . currently goin 3 times a week and also noticing it improving my legs n thighs for cycling too ....especially on the hills.... More...


Tara Robertson

Just passed the one year training with Leighton, first session back after Christmas today and have to say, looking forward to another year. Friendly gang, with tough but manageable classes, even for the slightly older among us (me)! Just try it! More...


Fionnuala Dorney

I've been going to the lunchtime class twice a week for the last ten months and I've seen a great improvement in my own strength and ability. Highly recommended; if you want results, Leighton's your man! More...


Michelle Moran

I am part of a work group that have kettlebells twice a week with Leighton. He provides a great variety by introducing new moves which keeps it interesting and is always challenging. Whether it is a weekly exercise routine or to improve your fitness level I would highly recommend Leighton. More...


Carly Butler

Seriously good workout in the TRX class! I'm sore all over after the first class but that just shows that what I've been doing in the past has been useless! I think it's going to be the only class to get me in shape for the new year. Thanks again Leighton! More...


Piaras O'Ceallaigh

Whether you're looking to get in shape or build up your cardio, Leighton's TRX classes are fantastic. He's always at hand to make sure your technique is right and that you keep up the tempo during class. It's excellent value for money and the variety of class times means that there's sessions that suit everyone. Thumbs up all round! More...


Róisín Hunt

Loving the morning classes, the best way to start the day and keep me on the straight and narrow! The classes go by so quickly and Leighton is great at helping you push yourself and improving your technique and form.


Fionnuala English

Leighton runs a class in my workplace on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Great classes; he's tough, but fair and it's just what's needed after a day sitting in an office. Would highly recommend Leighton to anyone who is starting out or returning to fitness classes. More...


Richard Keane

A brilliant class with a fantastic instructor. Leighton is not one of these drill sergeants types that put people off and instead he has everyone motivated to push themselves to the limit. I go 3 times a week at lunchtimes and couldn't recommend it more. More...


Nettie Moore

After my second class with Leighton, my legs were so shredded I fell trying to step up on to a curb!! Really great classes that make you push yourself, along with a welcoming and friendly environment. It's great for those starting to get into fitness or those more advanced :) More...


Lyndsey Connell

TRX is a great way to build strength and challenge your fitness. The classes are very enjoyable and Leighton's style is friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend them- the group who attend the classes are lovely and supportive and there are a range of times to choose from every day, so you have no excuse!! More...


Michael Wickham Moriarty

These are great classes for anyone who wants to improve their fitness. As each exercise is simple to learn it is very accessible for beginners. There is plenty of variety and occasional surprise challenges so you don't get bored even if you have been going regularly for months.

Leighton pushes you to train hard but does so with good humour and encouragement. The groups are friendly and include people with a range of experience and fitness levels. Classes are at several time slots in the mornings and evenings making it easy to go regularly even if you have a busy schedule.

Every session is tough, but both the adrenaline buzz and the fitness results make them addictive.


Suzanne Darby

Absolutely love the Lunchtime TRX class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - its 30 mins and its done and you feel great afterwards. This is perfect for a busy working mum who finds it hard to fit in the gym in the evening. Leighton is tough but gets you motivated to keep going and achieve your fitness goals. I would highly recommend any of his classes. More...


Katharine Williams

I saw Leighton's ad on Facebook and thought I would try the accelerated month programme as a way to get fitter before my holidays. I'm not a gym person so I fully expected to give up after a few sessions but as the final couple of classes of the programme nears I've attended every class and I actually look forward to the weights and even the TRX! I've seen such a change in myself since the first week and now I'm sleeping better than ever and my energy levels have much improved. The small class sizes are great so you get Leighton's full attention and extra assistance if you need it and he's always encouraging and pushes you to do your best and to go that little bit further than you thought you could go. I'd definitely advise everyone to try this programme whatever your fitness level as there's no judgement and group training is fun. Also no TRX workout is the same so it's not repetitive and Leighton keeps you on your toes! More...


Conor Conroy

I went to Leighton's classes for just over a year and the results were great. It's 30 minutes, 3 times a week and it's during lunch time so they are easy to fit it in. Leighton is a great coach that knows how to motivate and push you through the pain. Would definitely recommend to anyone starting off on the road to fitness to give this guy a call. More...

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