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Kootenay Sol Yoga



Kootenay Sol Yoga



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Norma Caputo

12 September 2019

Troy!! An amazing knowledgeable instructor!


Francie Bingham

19 June 2019

The intelligence, the knowledge and the awesomeness of the teacher!


Leah Lindgren

24 May 2019

I absolutely love this yoga class! I look forward to going all the time. The studio is beautiful and the yoga teacher is very encouraging and knowledgeable:)


Mona Gale

9 May 2019

Troy is an amazing teacher - the best really! No one knows the body and how to take care of it like him - Trust me take a class and get hooked on health!


Diana Joneson

6 April 2019

Beautiful, bright studio! Amazing, helpful teacher, one of the best, detailed instruction I have experienced.


Barbara Milne

19 February 2019

Best yoga instruction I have ever experienced. Love the bright spacious studio. You never feel like you can’t keep up. Everyone feels comfortable at their own pace. More...


Anne Marie Barré

23 January 2019

The owner has a truly authentic personality. He provides detailed instruction that prioritize muscular safety. I leave the class feeling refreshed and impressed with his experienced teaching. Good job!


Tracy Batch

21 January 2019

I am loving your beginner's class and the proper breakdown of each pose. I've dabbled in yoga here and there but never fully understood the movements. I feel more confident in the moves, how to do them safely, and how to modify them to my own body's restraints. Thank you!! More...


Shannon Hartson Kambick

18 October 2018

Amazing space for the studio. fantastic teacher who gives great classes and is flexible with making the class suit his attendants needs.


Susan Gaskell

14 September 2018

Trail and area Yogis... we are so fortunate to have yet another beautiful space to practice yoga in. The space is warm and welcoming, with great props, and kind, thorough instruction. Go check it out!


Carla Elliott

9 September 2018

Troy is an awesome yoga teacher!!