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Lea McCue

Best gym by far!
They make you feel welcome and bring out the best in you. They give you encouragement , motivate you and make you feel like your the only one in the gym. They work with you to understand the work outs and never leave you feeling lost they show you and encourage you throughout the work outs, which makes you want to go to the gym.
They never make you feel less than your worth and help you feel more than you ever thought possible. I lost almost 30 pounds in 12 short weeks and they changed my life 100%

I would recommend this gym to anyone , anytime, any day !!!!!!


Karen Clarke

Just Train Fitness has been life changing for me! When I started I could barely do a push up (even modified!). Now I am 45 lbs lighter and feel fantastic every day. Justin and Christina are amazingly supportive, patient, kind and knowledgeable. They encourage me everyday and help me see things in a positive way. I am the kind of person that can easily get bored of going to the gym with the same routine over and over again, but Christina and Justin create a new workout every day to to challenge me and my body. All the other people that go to Just Train are so friendly and supportive. It really is like joining a fitness family. I encourage anyone that wants a great workout in a friendly and non judgemental environment to come and check out Just Train Fitness. More...


Carla Bes-Grandin

When I joined Just Train in May of 2017, I had never worked out before. I was always worried about not being able to do it or keep up the motivation to go. You walk into Just Train, just once and you are made to feel at home and immediately a part of the family. The biggest part to being successful and obtaining your goals is a great support system. You get all that and more at Just Train. I would recommend Just Train to anyone who has goals, wants to change your lifestyle, lose weight, build muscle and feel like a family!!!
If you are looking for a gym, try a free class at Just Train and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed´┐Ż


Kate Turner

Just Train has been a huge part of my life for the last five months or so. There's something so amazing about the feeling of support from Justin, Christina, and fellow JT members.

You never know what to expect from your daily workout at JT, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Rather than spending an ineffective hour in a usual gym, you can crush an awesome and fun workout in half the time here and see results quickly.

I'd definitely recommend JT to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness, no matter what level you're currently at.


Justin Fauteux

A little more than 6 months at Just Train has gotten me into the best shape of my life! Before joining JT, I spent more than 10 years working out on my own, not really knowing what I was doing and rarely seeing any results before I'd inevitably lose interest. But at JT, the workouts are always fresh, fun and challenging; and Justin and Christina are always eager to give help and encouragement. I didn't think it was possible, but now I actually enjoy going the gym! More...

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