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Fitness Facility of over 7000 square foot, offers fitness classes, bootcamps, women only section and a great cardio section.

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Kiki Legault

Excellent! I wish I had a member pass to go every day!:)


Labelle Lisa

So totally awesome and fun to work there and be part of such a great team!!!


Dawe Scotty

Awesome community gym, nice patient staff and very friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to work out and meet new people, small community within itself. Cheers to all you and the new member you bring in. More...


Chris Kilby

Great environment! Great staff! Everything you need in one place. It has all the makings of a big city gym with a small country feel. Strong community. Definately worth trying out. More...


Norm Lapalme

As the past owner of JR Fitness under the "Brand - Norm's Gym" I like what JR is doing for the community and for his clients in the gym. 7000sq.ft fitness club for a small community is a pretty big deal and greatly appreciated by over 600++ members. Great job to JR, Véro, Lisa, Léo, Isa & of course Joss! More...

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