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Luke Durward

8 September 2019

Great for beginners and experienced Crosfiters.Great coaching, nice people, fun workout and absolutely beautiful space.I own a gym in Toronto and I highly recommend you come in for a workout.


Troy Merrick

2 August 2019

Best gym/community I've ever been a part of.I would recommend Ironstone to anyone looking for challenge and a welcoming atmosphere.


Jodi Veinotte

27 April 2019

Great box and wonderful people.


Lacey Cormier

28 March 2019

I am really impressed with this gym! I've been going for about 2 months now and find everyone very friendly! I love the strong female presence here and the sense of community! The workouts are fun and never repetitive, the support from the coaches is what keeps me coming back! More...


Keri Kiley

24 February 2019

Excellent coaching, great atmosphere


Maria M. Ferrato

27 January 2019

.Knowledgeable and friendly coaches.Great space with proper layout and equipment.Fantastic programming .Clean and comfortable change rooms/showers


Annie Katherine King

29 December 2018

I recently attended a community SWEAT class since I was visiting the area and am a member at another affiliate. The coaches were super friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was great. I’ll be back!


Kevin Keefe

17 November 2018

Great CrossFit gym, awesome - helpful trainers- great community


andrew chess

29 October 2018

Drop in to open gym-great facility and very friendly staff. Good space for multiple classes. Especially like the crossover symmetry setup and the mobility tools.


Kam Kop

30 August 2018

It's a wonderful place to workout. We tried a lot of different crossfit gyms during our vacations. This one is beautiful with a lot of place. Coach Tiffany was very knowledgable, happy to be there and nice to talk with! The quality of teaching was better than expected. The website to register is user friendly and easy to work with, well done. More...


Nick Rudnicki

30 August 2018

You'll hate the workout. Like truly, viscerally, deeply in your bowels hate it.But your be champing at the bit for the next one.


Christiaan Kotzé

20 August 2018

Great workout at Crossfit Ironstone today. Jenn (coach) was really friendly and welcoming and runs a great class. Box looks great, cool atmosphere. Thanks to coaches and members for making me feel welcome. Hopefully see you all soon. More...


Allen Wolfe

17 July 2018

CrossFit Ironstone is home away from home. Not only is the facility beautiful, but the coaches are knowledgeable and the programming is beyond well thought out. If I did not move across the country, I would have been a life time member. More...


Lauren Sullivan Kaeppner

12 July 2018

I dropped in four days in a row while traveling for work and had a great experience. The coaches were fantastic. The programming was appropriately challenging and there were always offerings for two levels. There were also always supplemental options for those who apparently are gluttons for insane punishment. That said, I could tell it was effective because I worked out along side some pretty stellar athletes, many of whom were quite friendly and welcoming. The facility itself is also gorgeous and there’s also space for open gym time and I believe yoga just started being offered. As a bonus, the box is near some great breweries and food options. I hit up all recommendations provided and was pleased with all of them. I’ll be back the next time I’m in town. More...


Kuzzer 15

27 May 2018

Great gym. Friendly folks. Super nice big facility. My wife got her first handstand here today!


Elizabeth McLeod

27 May 2018

A fruend and I did the 1 month Foundations Crossfit class twice a week at Ironstone to learn the correct techniques. It was very good!


Theresa Reid

27 May 2018

Joined their Saturday morning community class that is free for anyone that wants to join. They focused a lot on body weight exercises and things move fast. Staff are really friendly and the people that were there for the class were very supportive of each other. Would recommend strongly. More...


Fred Dick

25 February 2018

Came in to do 18.1 during a weekend layover. Was warmly greeted and included in intramural heats. Met great people. Thanks Patrick, Nate, Eric and Brandon..and many others for sharing your great facility! If you are ever in St. Catharines come visit the Crossfit Reva community... More...


Randy Davis

21 July 2017

Stopped in today while visiting Halifax and had a great WOD with an awesome coach and an amazing group of crossfit athletes! Looking forward to joining in again on my return visits. If any of you are ever in the Barrie, ON area stop in at The Barbell Academy for an equally challenging WOD. More...


Chris Willett

27 June 2017

Excellent facility! Nice layout- clean- food locations are within a short walk or drive


Lissa Michel Garrity

12 June 2017

Came in on a Sunday (!) for a vacation drop-in. Class was challenging and a great mix of strength and conditioning. Beautiful space and wonderful people, thanks!


Gabrielle Hayduk-Costa

27 May 2017

The gym is spacious and well-maintained, and the people are friendly. There's a small lot in front and lots of street parking. Unfortunately there's no where to lock up your stuff. More...


Bruce Warren

13 May 2017

Took part in the Saturday morning community workout (cardio).


Kimberley Cameron Lamarche

13 March 2017

Dropped in to complete an Open Workout and could not have felt more welcomed. Fabulous super clean facilities! A great box to drop in if you're in Halifax.


Cheryl Paynter

17 January 2017

A well oiled machine! Classes are ran on time and very well organized. Facilities are spacious, clean and full of well taken care of gear. Friendly coach and a jam packed class make for a busy hour! Love the layout allowing much to happening in the facility all at once. Nicely done CFIS! More...


Ollie John

10 January 2017

Professionalism at its best. Organized. Great coaching. Beautiful facility. All class workouts are adjusted to the individual to avoid movements or loads that are beyond the individual's skill or fitness level. Extremely welcoming environment. They genuinely encourage all fitness levels. They focus on moving technically well, before moving fast, or moving heavy weight. More...


John Joseph

24 November 2016

Top notch facility and staff - excellent programming with a good/safe approach to getting and staying fit


Eloise Chateauneuf

17 November 2016

I was in town for three weeks so I came and try their free class. Really liked it! Ended up taking a membership for the rest of my stay. Good staff, people are great, gym is well organized and clean bathroom and shower+++in my book. More...


Charlie Simmons

6 July 2016

Thanks for a great experience this week! Jenn was an awesome coach with so much knowledge! I picked up several great tips from her. She is a true Sweetie Pie!!! Thanks also to Brandon, Lisa, Pat, and really everyone for being welcoming, supportive and encouraging! A great crossfit box! Charlie More...


Peter Rawlings

3 June 2016

Dropped in from Australia, Brisbane with my partner. We both really enjoyed and valued our time there with coach Nate and super friendly afternoon mob. Coaching was excellent, professional, well articulated and warm. Facility and equipment was by far the best I have ever been in out of the 35 boxes I've trained at across the world. Lots of pride and care evident. Would love to come back and call it a box home. Cheers heaps and all the best. More...


Meghan Fitzpatrick

2 November 2015

A friendly supportive environment and wildly knowledgeable staff. If you're thinking of trying it out DO IT, your ass will thank you.


Anne Graham

1 August 2015

Great coaches and great facility. I have learned so much in 4 months. Highly recommend!


Pierrot Godard

12 June 2015

Great space, great coaching, emphasis on safety and serious about laying solid interdisciplinary foundations for their athletes. Really glad I found this place. Also, the gym has a great vibe, is easy going and is community oriented. Not sure what more you could ask from a gym. Great work. More...


William Fugère

25 March 2015

Thanks for the hospitality! Had an amazing time with you all.

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