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Alex Noudelman

27 January 2019

It's a pleasure to work with such a vibrant and professional digital marketing firm. - Alex Noudelman


Mariana Penido

16 October 2018

I worked at iRISEmedia during my exchange program in 2013. It was the best experience of my life! I felt welcomed, part of a team and working there helped me improve my English and writing skills, something that I’m using today in my current job in Brasil! Thanks for the opportunity!


Shawn Jeffrey Lauzon

29 May 2018

God Bless


Mix Top Ten

28 May 2015

iRISEmedia is an authority when it comes to SEO. I specifically enjoy reading Alex Noudelman's blogs because they are informative, very accurate, and well written.


Rafael Jason Hecht

28 May 2015

A good place to work.


Keren Krimus

28 May 2015

A leading authority in the world of online marketing.


Gilad Barak

28 September 2014

As a client of Irismedia (Natural Gout) I can tell that they are a very special and professional company which adapt their online abilities and strategies rapidly to the fast motion online market. You never feel alone and there is always someone to talk to, share our thoughts,difficulties & challenges. Iris media is always there to support us, to optimize our campaigns and to boost our sales. Their service is fast and always with a very positive energy and with a good & genuine will to help. Highly recommended! More...


michael botov

1 September 2014

I came across this company on LinkedIn. I began interacting with their Digital Marketing Strategist Alex Noudelman and then their Director of SEM Rafi Hecht. I learned a lot from both of these individuals. Their philosophy is always collaborative. They enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge with others and creating a scholarly environment. More...


Alex Noudelman

27 August 2014

Great place to work!


Olga Mestnikova

28 May 2014

iRISEmedia, a leading Internet Marketing, Social Media and SEO Company in Toronto, covers the top online marketing news!


Caio gonçalves

28 May 2014

In March 2013, I started interning at iRISEmedia and I could not have found a better place to do so. The friendly staff made me feel like part of the team rapidly. The positive working atmosphere allowed me overcome many language barriers as well as learn more about local culture and the way people work in a different nation.The tasks delegated to me were clearly a good way to boost my language skills. Daily writing helped me with grammar and vocabulary proficiency. Yet, communication was extremely stimulated within the company, allowing me to get constant speaking practice.iRISEmedia provided me with great moments that will never be forgotten. I started my journey in Canada looking for an easy way to improve my English and ended up making wonderful friends who taught me valuable lessons that I will remember forever. I have been given an amazing opportunity and I could not be more grateful. More...


Emerson Palomo

28 May 2014

I was really happy to get an opportunity to do my internship at iRISEmedia, a Digital Marketing company in Toronto. It has been an interesting experience, because with my marketing and sales background, I believe that understanding Digital Media is very important. I have learned many things about Internet Marketing, such as the power of using Social Media Marketing tools to promote brandsand implementing SEO to increase Google search rankings. For me, Internet Marketing is the best marketing tool which I will be using for my clients in the future. More...


Sho Nakano

13 September 2013

I started working at iRISEmedia as an intern in May, 2013. One of the most common goals for international students doing an internship is to improve their English, and so was mine. However, during my internship here, I not only improved my spoken and written English, but learned a lot of great things that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. All of staff is always friendly and fun, but hardworking. I was inspired in many ways by them. I felt so comfortable and welcomed here that I really didn’t want to leave. They are the best team ever! More...


Kari Tomita

26 July 2013

I came here 2 and a half months ago and have been working for iRISEmedia as an intern. It was a great experience to learn the work culture in Canada with iRISEmedia's staff!! I will miss the positive atmosphere they created everyday. Thank u Thank u so much. More...

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