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Jennifer Barbe

29 July 2019

My massages with Des have been extraordinary. Her knowledge of the human body is impressive. The deep tissue massage is intense but it feels like years of tightness being slowly released.


Carol Yancey

28 July 2019

Desiree helped me sort out my issues and has kept me active. Highly recommend her.


David Payne

10 July 2019

I’ve seen Des a couple times now and I have to say she is completely awesome and I absolutely love this woman inside and out. She was extremely helpful and found time to fit me into her busy schedule. I look forward to the next treatment ❤️ More...


Jordynn Teagan

9 July 2019

Have seen Des for a few sessions now and there's so many things I love about her and her practice. The massage itself is AMAZING but she also creates a really healing and calming space, which I think is essential! Des has so much knowledge around anatomy and how the body works, and as someone with a sensitive spine, I really value that in practitioners. More...


Juergen Poepsel

9 July 2019

Desiree is an awesome massage therapist I can only recommend! It’s not often you see someone so enthusiastic in his work. I feel she’s really good at what she’s doing and hits all the marks to get the muscles back into shape. Awesome personality anyway. Way to go Desiree! More...


Janet Nystedt

9 July 2019

The results of my deep tissue massage appointment were amazing. Not only did I have a reduction in the pain in my hand and arm, but at the conclusion I realized I had much better posture. Thank you to Desiree for improving my mobility. More...


Cindy Lequereux

9 July 2019

I came upon Desiree and Raynor Massage after looking into the method. I decided to give it a try and had one appointment which led into a succession of several more. It was incredible and Desiree was fabulous! The work was deep and I became hooked on the results. Desiree is amazing and will take care of all your needs while she administers very intuitively and accurately! Highly recommended! More...

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