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Nina Joy

Ashleigh was fantastic! She came up to the cottage and ran through a great work out with me and a friend. This friend of mine does crossfit and I do not. Which meant that Ashleigh had to come up with one plan that challenged us both which probably wasn't easy and she succeeded! She kick both of our butts and I can't wait for her to come up again next summer! More...


Stephanie Rose Henderson

I’ve been training with Ashleigh since January of 2017, I can not say enough good things about her. Ashleigh is cheerful, optimistic and kind. Yet will totally kick you butt, during the workout you may have some strong words. Once you make it through the workout you feel like you accomplished so much. Ashleigh will push you and figure out where your limits are then work towards pushing past over time, without injury.

You don’t have to be athletic to have a trainer, or to start training. Ashleigh will look at where you are now, and work with what your goals are. I was not in a good athletic shape when I started to train, my main goal was to just shed some pregnancy weight that I put on. Also to build my strength and flexibility. I can say with confidence that I am so happy with my results.

Besides the actual in-person training, Ashleigh can send you home with awesome workouts to do between sessions while you’re at home or on vacation. She knows about nutrition, so you can always ask her for some tips on your meal prep. Now with this new website Wodify Ashleigh has you can track everything online. It’s a great tool to have to keep track of your records and see how far you have come.

To keep from writing a novel, just want to sum up my review by just saying give Ashleigh a chance and you wont regret it. She always switches up the workouts so its always changing. Every once and a while she throws the same workout in to see how much you have improved. Which is always great to see after the workout is complete how far you have come.

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