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Katie Maxwell Panelli

Christy is very fun instructor. She’s very real and keeps things exciting and different!


Christine Huget

Fun and fast paced. Love the morning workout you can bring your kids to. Makes it accessible any time.


Lisa Roadhouse

Christy put on a 5 class and run! Was truely an amazing experience and would highly recommend her to everyone. Thanks for everything!


Melody Hartley Babin

Before joining an I am fitness run club I couldn't run for longer than maybe a minute. The thought of running 5K was unimaginable. I was shocked and super proud of myself when at the end of the first couch to 5K group I ran a 5K race and did pretty well. I've since run some 10K races and I've registered for a Spartan race. Christy is passionate about helping people reach their potential especially those of us who needed an extra nudge! More...


Katelin Hamil

It hurts. But it’s a good hurt! I’m loving all the fun things we are doing...the Bucking Bronco Burpees and the workout to ‘Ghostbusters’ are fun enough to keep me from grumbling too much about the pain the next day � So glad I talked to you at the Chappelle Gardens open house and signed up for the class!


Beth Hoden

I love working out with Christy and I am Fitness. The convenient locations, varied workouts and friendly people make it easy to love! I also like how she modifies the exercises so I can get as much out of the workout as possible each time no matter my fitness level. I also really enjoy the 5k runs she hosts in the spring/summer/fall. It's the perfect opportunity for non-runners like me to test myself without the pressure of a large race and huge crowds. More...


Kim Preus Wilson

My review is well overdue ... I've been attending Christy's classes for 3 or 4 years now ... and I can honestly say my body has been totally transformed - not! The truth is my weight doesn't fluctuate all that much since my 30's and 40's - I will never have my 22 year old body back thanks to my two babies (one who had an extremely big head) - but I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, stay active with my dog, teens and hubby, and I watch what I eat and drink - most of the time (there is always room for wine, cheese, bread and chocolate). So - why do I go every Friday to Christy's class? It's good for my body but mostly my soul! I go for Christy's ever changing workout but stay because of the community we have built within the group. We laugh, we complain (I whine a little), we talk, we share, there have even been a few tears ... and Christy somehow manages to make us get a good sweat on through the whole 45 minutes of craziness and chatter! Thanks Christy and all my Friday morning ladies that make working out so much fun - thank you for being part of my tribe (whether you like it or not)! My review 5 Stars! PS - my butt and legs are already starting to stiffen up after this mornings workout More...

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