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Mark Levine

Personalized, professional and a unique experience. I always look forward to my next session!


Stacy Pollack

Amazing place!


Shari Brooks Herman

Amazing Trainer. Matt really helped me with my goals!


Ben Gazith

My go to spot! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Kevin Chaim

The best private training in the city!!


Neil Etinson

For those that are looking for a relaxing and personalized workout setting, there is nowhere better.


Mike Cho

Great place and an even better staff!


Matthew Benjamin Chaim

Incredibly personalized workouts run by the friendliest guys. My favourite spot in Montreal easily.


Bryan Kelenson

Great place for personal fitness


Jay Herman

HIGHLY recommend Matt! Tailored fitness which is a huge benefit for people like me who have older sports injuries and don’t fit a “cookie cutter” approach.


Nolan Sendel

Matt is the man! Would take his health, fitness, and wellness advice over anyone's!


Ryan M Sanft

I can’t believe how much Hudson avenue has grown. I love going there. Great atmosphere and great people.


Piaf Rhoudius Deri

With a great team, a bright space and the drive to move mountains, Hudson Avenue is a wonderful studio where you are encouraged to push forward! Matt, keep shining���


Noam Blauer

Matt Golt is a fitness visionary, operating with a fantastic understanding of different kinds of bodies, personalities and fitness needs. Go to Hudson Avenue if you want to meet someone who really "gets it" More...


Nitai Ben-Shach

Matt is not only an amazing trainer, he is passionate, caring and applies himself 100% to all he does. No wonder clients keep coming back! Keep up the good work!


Hilary Greenstone

Matt is extremely knowledgeable and caring and only wants the best for all of his clients. You should definitely check out Hudson Avenue for amazing and personalized training sessions.


Sara Diamond

Hudson Ave gives you more than just a sweat - you'll leave with a sense of ease and excitement knowing that your strength and wellness are in good hands. Best crew


Tyler Lemco

Been to many gyms over the years and Hudson Avenue offered easily one of the best personalized workout experiences I've ever had. Highly recommend.


Ryan Golt

Top personalized gym in montreal, without a doubt. This is the place to go if health is your priority.


Stephanie Herman

The best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with!! Not only does Matt help with building physical strength but mental stability as well. Very knowledgeable trainers with exceptional dedication to each of their clients. 10/10 would recommend. More...


Alkarim Nasser

Very few people demonstrate the passion and love for what they do as much as Matt Golt. If you have fitness goals that seem out of reach, Matt is exactly the person who will help you achieve them. Hudson Avenue is where it’s at.


Kathy Halmi

Matt is by far the best personal trainer I’ve worked with. He’s helping me achieve my fitness goals and keeping my body injury free. Matt and Aaron make a great team. Highly recommend � More...


Amanda Matos

A fitness studio that goes beyond traditional standards, I vouch for everything Hudson Avenue represents. As a physiotherapist, I have the utmost confidence in Matt and Aaron. They know exactly how to provide well rounded training, ensuring you leave feeling and moving better than when you walked in. True professionals in the field! More...


Max Alejandro Sanchez Luckert

Hudson Avenue's tailored approach caught my attention from day one. Their method shifted my gym view out of the traditional show-up and push weights approach to a conscious and empowering active and healthy living. I learned how to stay active by seeing working out as a lifestyle instead of as a routine. More...


Sarah Rose

I’ve been seeing Matt for several years now to help me heal and get back in shape. I’ve seen him post-surgery, post-pregnancy and for everything in between because he takes the time to listen to my goals and and always finds a way to encourage me to go at exactly the right pace!


Alessa Mattia

The space is beautiful, clean and bright. It makes working out so much more enjoyable. The coaches are two amazing humans, they take the time to personalize a workout that fits you and your needs but most importantly, they make it fun! Even if you don't go for a workout, you should stop by and simply grab a coffee with them :) More...


Mason Brüno

Where to begin? From their caring, knowledgeable staff to the ambience and welcoming vibe that it fosters, Hudson Avenue is undoubtedly one of Montreal’s premier strength and training environments. Matt Golt is a true wizard and you would be doing both yourself and your body a disservice if you don’t give this place a shot. Highly recommend! More...


Michael Orenstein

Amazing spot!!! The guys at HA created a great training atmosphere. They tailor each workout to both your wants and needs, all the while providing a fun and engaging experience. Their attention to detail makes working out here ideal for all levels, regardless of age or fitness experience. Do your body and mind a favour. Set up a training session with either Matt or Aaron. You won’t be disappointed. More...

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