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Andrew Mack

1 August 2019

Friendly club for someone who came from out of town. Awesome classes


Andrew Darragh

1 April 2019

I enrolled my 2 year old daughter in the parent & tot level 1 program at Hayabusa Training Centre Ltd. The facility is large and easily able to accommodate classes. In the level 1 class the circuit portion of the program is not preset up which could easily be accommodated in a facility this large. In addition to the circuit portion being preset up there could be signs explaining each activity and what to do at the station. The verbal explanations need to be shorter and a wider range of activities need to be introduced. Average children in the age range of this class can only attend to a task for a short time and 4-5 practices of each skill is lots for most of them. I would like to see more games like when the children place colored balls in the matching buckets. It teaches skills including starting, stopping and running which is fun for the children. The class did not have a wide range of activities from class to class, which made it feel as though it was the exact same class every time. Sherry Nelson the lead instructor for the Parent & Tot Program 'Little Ninjas Martial Arts' is very good with the children and is not afraid to get down on the mats and assist the children. One issue I had that with the program was the inability to make up missed classes. My daughter’s class was running during the winter time (2019) which had some very cold days. One class I missed due to weather, to be fair Hayabusa Training Centre Ltd did not cancel the class I missed it on my own accord due to it being -30. I am also a shift worker which makes it impossible to attend every class, my daughter attends a gymnastics program during the week which runs multiple classes which allows for makeup classes during the week Hayabusa Training Centre Ltd does not offer this. More...


Canea G Zahr

9 March 2019

the coaches are patient with their students and mold them to become champs!


Miller Rogers

28 February 2019

Amazing instructors! embraced with open arms for our whole group! will plan trips around visiting the gym!


Lauren Davis

27 January 2019

We are really enjoying the little ninjas class with our 2.5 yo boy.


Lisa Bennett

18 November 2018

the teachers are amazing with the kids, especially overly anxious children that suffer with low self-esteem. they draw them out and encourage their participation. unequivocally, I would recommend them to every parent More...


Aleigha Kravontka

16 November 2018

My 13 year old son started about 7 months ago. He loves it! I'm sure he would live there if he could.! Everyone there is so welcoming and supportive.


Fahreen Kanji

18 April 2018

Hayabusa sent a trainer to our daycare Kristopher Robyns Childcare Centre in St. Albert for an in-house field trip and our OSC kids absolutely loved it and so did our Educators. Looking forward to doing summer field trips at the facility. More...


Tim O'Leary

26 March 2018

Got recommended by a mutual friend of the club. Loving it so far. Everyone is super friendly and professional. I highly recommend this club if you're looking to learn and enjoy the atmosphere!


Fredric Minvile

9 March 2018

Great facility! Did my first work out there yesterday, kickboxing. It was very intense. Soft mats loud music! Definitely will be making the trip again.


Pea Ferr

15 January 2018

My little one loves the tots class - highly recommend!


Robert Gomizelj

14 December 2017

Both my son and I have been coming to Hayabusa for about two years now and have enjoyed every training session... you start with one program which leads to another and another. Both my son and I have taken every class available. What started as a great way to get into shape has become a lifestyle for both my son and I. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, the atmosphere is great and is like our second home. More...


Leanna F

5 September 2017

Best training centre we have been to. My son loves MMA, takes incredibly well to the instructors and leaves with better focus, discipline and respect. We attribute a great deal of his classroom success to his training at Hayabusa. The trainers ensure he leaves with a good positive attitude and he has gained a massive amount of confidence from them. Highly recommend. More...


AJ Timm

19 July 2017

Hayabusa is like a home. No matter what belt level you are treated fair and get to train with some of the best in the Edmonton area. Luke Harris runs a great program and has amazing support with all the coaches at the facility. 5/5 stars for sure! More...


Danny Bustamante Gutierrez

1 April 2017

Excellent place for a family fitness, highly recomended


Garret Nybakken

9 December 2016

Hayabusa is basically the greatest place ever...end quote.


Sherri Donohue

8 December 2016

Great instructors with good solid knowledge and experience base. Welcoming atmosphere.


Ryan Brown

8 December 2016

World Class Facility, World Class Coaches, World Class training partners and teammates.


Gregory Walty

21 November 2016

I originally came to hayabusa in 2013 just specifically working with my personal trainer mike Scarcello which again a fantastic trainer that will push you to your fitness goals. Mike has convinced to get back into Brazilian jiu jitzu along with boxing, muay tai and judo and I love it. Training at hayabusa has changed my life for the better it's made me become better athlete. The environment and coaching staff are awesome and I feel being at hayabusa makes me feel I'm apart of a family. I would recommend anyone to come here it will change your life. Thank you � More...


Aleksandar Lune Milic

18 October 2016

Great place with great instructors. My 4 year old loves the Judo program.


Christian Thomas

2 October 2016

Great place to train whatever your goals. Some of the best instructors around, great people and awesome atmosphere.


Kerri Roberts

22 April 2016

Hayabusa has been amazing for my son. The coaches are well trained in the classes they teach. They teach the kids MMA takes hard work, discipline and respect. I highly recommend Hayabusa for all ages! More...


Gheetan Chana

14 January 2016

Best mma gym atmosphere. No ego, great vibes! Come on down!!


Andrea Molly Brown

28 December 2015

Has something for everyone doesn't matter your age or skill level!! Awesome atmosphere and great supportive coaches!!


JeaN FrancoiS MercieR

19 December 2015

It Doesn't matter if you aiming for pro or learn new skills... This place have everything what you need to develop the best of you


Dean Howard

1 July 2015

My son is in it, great instructors, great atmosphere


Abid Ķhãń

27 November 2014

Just have ride then let's talk


Ak Sharma

23 June 2014

Friends like me..page


Ahmad Majed

11 December 2013

Elite Trainers, Fighters, Facilities, People, Staff, Training Partners. If you are looking to get in shape or pick up new skills in ( boxing, BJJ, Kickboxing, wrestling, Judo or MMA) or become a pro, Hayabusa TC is where it all beginings.


Jax McNaughton

11 July 2013

What I love about the Hayabusa is just when you think you can't go any harder or any further their is always someone cheering you on or pushing you to go that little bit further, and someone to say how awesome you did even when your a hot sweaty mess. I can't imagine working out any place else. I love it. More...


Jordan Elias

23 June 2013

It's an awesome facility with great instructors, great equipment and great students. There's a ton of respect for the students from the instructors and the students return that respect twice over to both the instructors and other students. Everyone is also as friendly as they can be while they're choking you out. More...


Kenny Bhullar

1 June 2013

Are you interested in training in MMA-- Jiu Jitsu? Kickboxing? Boxing? Or just looking to get into great shape? Hayabusa Training Centre has all of the above with highly skilled trainers. Come check out a class for FREE & see why I spend most of my time in our facility. More...