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Filip Djordjevic

24 May 2019

Great gym. I've been doing chiro and physio here and the doctors have really been doing a good job helping me with my injury. Silvio one of the employees has been great and has helped me with everything. Definitely would recommend! More...


Nicholas Koo

22 May 2019

Habitual Fitness. A gym of the highest calibre. The staff are knowledgeable and courteous, the members are dedicated, and the space/equipment will more than fulfill your needs. Altogether, it cultivates a culture for confidence and success.


Paolina Barbieri

19 May 2019

I have just completed the Women Who Lift intro to weightlifting course and I loved it! I was already familiar with weightlifting prior to starting the course, but wanted to get better form. Maida's training really helped refine my form and now I'm really getting the most out of my workouts! These classes included so much more than lifting weights - it also gave us tips on nutrition, stretching, and all around wellness for the body. Not to mention that this course is offered at an amazing price! Great gym and I highly recommend you sign up for Maida's Women Who Lift course, even if you already have experience in lifting weights as it will help improve your form! More...


Hollie Naccarato

19 May 2019

I've been at Habitual for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it! I signed up for personal training and was placed with AJ and he's the. best. ever. He's motivating, kind, hard working and pushes me to be better every time I see him. I've renewed countless times for boot camp, PT and gym access with Silvio and each time it's been a seamless and amazing experience. Silvio really listens to what you're looking for out of a gym experience, provides his guidance on classes and PT and you end up leaving a happy customer! I hope I get many more years with AJ, Silvio and the rest of the Habitual team! More...


Sam John

19 May 2019

This is my gym! I was sceptical about what a personal trainer would do for me, as I had been to the gym earlier on in life. I should say I was amazed at the technique, focus, posture, mind control and breath control that goes with each set. A big shout out to Aaron my personal trainer in taking me through each set! Highly recommend getting yourself a personal trainer like Aaron. More...


Ian Gutierrez

19 May 2019

Been to more gyms than I can count. If you want knowledgeable, kind and courteous trainers, this is definitely the place. They’re always at the forefront of fitness education and have a knack for truly engaging with clients to the next level. The front of house is warm and friendly and even the members are helpful and considerate. Everyone should have this type of experience when it comes to gyms and fitness. Thank you Habitual for years of great work and service. More...


John Naccarato

19 May 2019

Amazing gym, great staff and trainers. You will feel like family coming here not just another member. A great place to go to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Janine Guirguis

12 May 2019

Big THANK YOU to Dr. Rabih and Dr. Adam, amazing team! I came to Habitual for chiropractor and physiotherapy treatments, I am very happy about the results! I was not able to sleep on my side for years due to an injury. They have amazing skills and truly care about the health of their clients. Definitely recommend Habitual for all services. More...


Lydia Frappier

5 May 2019

I signed up for Women Who Lift at Habitual in January and it was absolutely amazing! Maida was so energetic and passionate about weight training - she was so eager to bring us into her world and her energy was contagious. Her priority was always everyone’s safely - ensuring proper form and posture in all the exercises as well as consistently motivating you to be your best and focusing on your own individual pace. I am now a member of the gym. The staff are all very friendly and approachable. The gym is unique, high energy with a full selection of Boot Camps and other services. I would definitely recommend it to everyone! More...


Shaun Chang

7 April 2019

By far the best gym around! Amazing trainers and staff there that actually care about your health and success! Come check it out and ask for Adam Trabulsi.


Carol Grocer

7 April 2019

My second family away from home. The trainers are always there to help. If you have a question they will help you. Have been going for 3 years now. Not at my bootylicious body as yet but I'm getting there. #chineesefood. I recommend this gym to all my friends and family. More...


Latisha Lobban

7 April 2019

Love this gym. It has such a personal home-like feel. Everyone is super friendly and the staff are very knowledgeable, yet not in a "I'm better than you because I bench more than you" kind of way. You can tell that they really love what they do & genuinely want you to help reach your goals. They're incredibly supportive. A lot more of an intimate feel than big gyms & always clean, never crowded too. The atmosphere at Habitual really encourages you to go and to want to make exercise a habit! More...


Linh Pham

7 April 2019

My boyfriend and I joined the gym last February and this is probably the longest we've ever stayed at a gym..ever! For obvious reasons! The staff, the people, the space, the atmosphere is just simply AMAZING! We had always bounced from one gym to another over the past few years... trying to find a gym that motivate us to become better versions of ourselves. We are so proud and happy to say that if it weren't for Habitual, we wouldn't be in the best shape we've ever been today! More...


Donna DiBlasio Grossi

7 April 2019

5 and a half years ago I entered the doors of Habitual Gym ....As soon as I entered I was greeted and welcomed by the one and only MR ADAM �I honestly fell in love with the training and the custom meals plans that Adam personally designed for me ! And Of course I adored Adam !!! He was a dedicated trainer and really focused on my goals .My body got stronger and I began to loose a lot of weight and thus my fitness journey began.......Today I'm still part of the habitual family �Each and every single time to this day I walk through those doors Adam still greets me with a Smile �on his face and so does his terrific staff !!! �Adam you genuinely care about all your members and you make everyone feel that they are your best friend �At the forefront of your mind is only one thing and one thing only .... To educate and guide every single member in your gym to a healthy and happy lifestyle.Each time I talk to you , you say I want you to come in more and get your workouts done !! So grateful to know you and call you my friend .�........ Did I mention how much fun , laughter , sweat and tears I had during my training sessions with Adam !!! Check them out ... Best thing you can ever do for yourself �
Adam and team keep touching people's lives and leaving a print on everyone you meet !!!!
Wellness ..Health ..Education ..
Inspirational ...Motivational.I can go on and on .........
One more thing ... Adam I really appreciate that you always welcome Alessia my daughter into your gym.
Anyway that's how I really see Habitual gym and lifestyle training ��������������������

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