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Marie Hayden

26 January 2019

Gumtree is a fantastic catering company with so many skill sets. From Catering our annual Among The Angels Fundraiser to the most epically delicious gluten free vegan cakes and cupcakes. We are always thrilled with the outcome whether large small. The dedication to ensuring everything is done just right certainly sets them apart in the industry!! More...


Amber gordon

27 December 2018

Super clean kitchen, catering done right


Kimberly Chapman

28 September 2018

Great customer service. They forgot to make my pick up order for an event and bent over backwards to try and make it right. Even though they made a mistake, I will be back next time I need something made; we all make mistakes it is how we deal with them and resolve them that matters. More...


Colleen clack

26 May 2018

I never thought perfection existed until gumtree started making my lunches. My favorite new addiction! Thank you Gumtree!


Zachary George

26 May 2018

Best cookies I've ever had in my life


Jeremie Dyck

26 May 2018

Always amazing! Great work!


Stef & Pete Brooks

26 May 2017

Gumtree Catering completely exceeded all expectations for my wedding day. Incredible food, incredible display, incredible service! Can't thank Gumtree enough! Almost a year later and guests are still talking about our meal. More...

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