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Dustin Smith

Best beef brisket I have ever had. And I've eaten alot if beef brisket


Jon Booker

Im pretty sure the brisket is brought down on the downy white wings of angels to the sound of trumpets giving a clairon call.


Tony Ivan O'Hara

Absolutely loved the 3-meat combo! Perfect, succulent ribs and pulled pork, and the baked beans are incredible too!


Robert Bideshi

A trisket a tasket come eat this Brisket made Basket!!!
Bring out the animal in you and eat the meat!
Great attitudes and even better BBQ style!


Jo Laddy

As a wedding photographer I get to eat A LOT of wedding food - THIS WAS THE BEST BBQ I have ever had! I have never heard so many compliments about the food - or ever WANTED to eat more after i was stuffed. AMAZING job you guys!!


Benjamin James Esq.

Great family run business, superb catering and the best BBQ you'll ever eat, anywhere in the world. Highly reccomend.


Dan Forster

These guys supplied the food today for a seminar and it was hands downbsome of the best food iv eaten follow and stop by for some dam good food..


Don Lehn

Try not to drool too much when you munch down on their great food...use the bib... nom nom nom


Danny Ivancevic

The BBQ was just ridiculously good. Wedding food isn't known for being top notch, so to have the best BBQ I've ever had at one, just made it that much better. The beef brisket you almost didn't have to chew it was so tender. And there serving methods kept it hot ( weddings I always find meat Luke warm at best)
I would highly recommend them for catering, some of the best I've experienced!


Danica Avey Stene

If you love Bbq, then this is the truck for you! The BEST ribs, wings and brisket in the Valley...always perfectly cooked and loaded with flavour! James is a great guy with a contagious smile and always makes you feel like a part of the family! You gotta eat here!! More...


Christine Booker

Always excellent food! We saw them at the food truck festival April 16 and there was always a line up! Everyone wanted their BBQ fix! My favorite is the pit beans and my husband raves about the brisket. Great food made by awesome people! More...


Ashley Djanie

Just ate here for the first time today with the fam and we ordered some of everything, so delish! Best ribs ever!! And such nice people. Thank you for the good food, we will definitely be back. More...


Craig MacQueen

These barbecue bad boys just smoked,broiled, cut,cooked, sliced and diced there way into my soul! The biggest thanks from the bottom of my stomach goes out to the Morans, and the BBQ team of guerrilla Q. They just catered my wedding of 175 people. Every bite was hot juicy and cooked to perfection. It was one of the highlights of the evening for my new wife and myself to watch the show! Every guest was smiling ear to ear and had nothing but good things to say about the service and most importantly the food! We had James Moran the pit master cook us up some fall apart brisket and whole chickens, southern macaroni and cheese ( unreal cheese flavour !!) blanched mixed veggies and all the fixings!! Dessert was all types of squares and bars unreal! Nevermind the meat and cheese trays with outrageousness spread all over it!! If you are having a function and you like BBQ, do yourself a favour and get guerrilla Q!!

On the other hand it was raining the morning of the reception and we where having a outdoor wedding!! We forgot to book a tent and they on there own accord found us a tent and set it up no questions asked! Saved the wedding!!


Jenn Bowden

When you go to events specifically for the food truck you know you're in for an amazing meal. I also have three friends who are now going to be stalking events for the bbq :) yum


Terree Cochrane

Bob and I were absolutely thrilled to have you guys cater our wedding reception at the curling club for 110 people !
Your food was exceptional and added the perfect touch to our day !
Thank you for everything you did �


Mandy Warhol

Over two years ago you guys catered to my friends wedding... I cried at the wedding and I cried when I ate your food. God damn it was unreal. To this day I still crave it. Can you just cater to me at 2am? The cravings are real ���� More...


Jade Kalnow

Thank you James at Guerilla Q for an amazing lunch for our Staff at Chilliwack Ford!!!! everyone can't stop talking about how delicious it was. Ribs, Brisket and Pulled pork were amazing!!!!! If anyone reads this please make sure you try this guys food if you see his truck out at an event or book them for catering. Highly recommend it :) More...


Eva Robson

It was amazing so delicious!!
Best bbq ever!


Reese Paul

As Wedding DJ that services 25 plus weddings a season, I can say without a doubt Guerilla Q puts out an unparalleled spread. The chicken, ribs, brisket and the macaroni and cheese were literally the best I have ever tasted. I would highly recommend to have these guys handle the food at a rustic style wedding, any outdoor event or pulled up outside a craft beer brewery. Simply mouth watering! More...


Joan Metselaar

Holy Smoke Freaking Fab. First timer at the Port Moody food truck festival. Choices, choices. Ran out of room so took some guerilla Q home. Amazing bones to beans. Had the smoke tray for hubby, fed him and a few other people. Just delish ribs, chicken wings, pulled pork and beans gotta go again❤❤❤ More...

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