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We are a science based positive reinforcement training company passionately offering private and group training. Currently we offer puppy class, basic obedience, rocket recall, group walks (Paw Club!) and our very popular Reactive Dog class.


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Beatrice Chi Chow

So happy Mallory and Andrew have started this business! They know what they are doing.


Sandra Vince

Taking puppy classes. Andrew is great with the dogs. Calm and informative.


Michelle Pici

Our dog Cooper loves going to doggy daycare! He has a blast and comes home exhausted!


Geoff McMartin

Excellent at giving examples and answers every question - there is an obvious passion for what they do.


Derek Van Dyke

Andrews experience showed and was very affective in the time spent with Cowbpy Murphy. He was very affective with keeping the dogs attention and letting me know what to expect in the future and what may take more time.


Doug Hooper

Our Cocker Spaniel TOBY just graduated from Andrew's puppy class. We were very impressed with the techniques taught. All of them helpful in helping us raise our "little devil".
We highly recommend Andrew.


Kelly Joy Argue

We have been working with Andrew now over a year for our rescue dogs at PB&Chi and he has helped with every issue you can imagine; dog and human reactivity, fear, housebreaking, crate training, leash training and more! We always recommend Andrew to our fosters and adopters :) More...


Joanne Ste Croix

My dog Poppy, goes to this daycare 2-3 times a week and is always excited when we get there. I would highly recommend letting your dog go to Good Hound Training & Daycare! But just as important, Poppy would make the same recommendation🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 More...


Pearl Poon

I took puppy classes with my standard poodle puppy and Andrew was great. My daughter gained a lot of insight to training a dog. My pup now goes to daycare and I couldn't be happier. I love the fact that the owners are dog trainers who will reinforce good behavior and help keep my pup balanced. I wouldn't hesitate recommending either the classes or the daycare. More...


Vaughan Bevis

We recently rescued a 1.5 year old German Shepard cross. She was very sweet but in need of training. We enrolled Bella into the basic training course and found it very beneficial. Bella still needs some work with reactive training and we will definitely be going back to Good hound training. Professional, great with owner and dog would definitely recommend them!! More...


Jill Karlen Fletcher

I was so impressed with our first experience with Good Hound Training. Having had Abby, our 'lil Mexican rescue who has some fear and nerves, for only 2 months, her first visit was a super positive one! We (okay, I) was a little anxious leaving her, but Andrew and Mallory texted photos and videos to ease my mind and show how much fun Abby was having. That was so thoughtful and very much appreciated!! Looking forward to attending the daycare and taking some classes as well! Thanks again!! More...


Jane Wood Hughes

What would we do without Good Hound! Our Poppy absolutely loves going to Daycare! She has so many friends there and loves them all! Mallory and Andrew are so amazing with the dogs and Poppy comes home pooped out after all the fun. She couldn’t wait to get there this morning and cried with excitement on the car ride there! More...


Lynn McIlwee

We did our first aid training with Mallory and she was fantastic. I should have taken the training sooner to be able to properly help our dogs in an emergency. Highly recommended!


Beth Hand

The best trainers I have ever encountered! My girl Remi has been through 2 reactive classes with Andrew and she just LOVES Andrew and Mallory. She had been to 2 other trainers who she wouldn't even take treats from , yet Remi has no problem giving Good Hound trainers kisses. It's very hard to have a dog that is fearful and reactive to other dogs but Andrew teaches you how to deal with the unwanted behaviours. Remi has improved in so many aspects since we have started training at Good Hound, and most importantly she enjoys class! I am constantly telling my friends and co workers about them and would recommend Good Hound training to everyone!� More...


Katherine Berry-Kalsbeek

We highly recommend Good Hound Training & Daycare. We adopted a high-energy, extremely social six-month old Rottweiler puppy in June, and thankfully met Andrew and Mallory a few days later. We attended the Basic Obedience class, and Akila also goes to the daycare three days per week. The combination of daycare and obedience class has resulted in a very happy, well-balanced puppy. We work very long hours, and have long commutes, so I can't really imagine what we would do without the Good Hound team at this point in Akila's life. She is thriving, and loves playing and learning from her buddies. Andrew and Mallory provide a very safe, loving space for the dogs to interact -- and I notice quite often that they are working with Akila on basic obedience during the daycare day. We are so thankful for the excellent care and training they provide! More...


Taryn Stickney

I take my puppy to Good Hound's daycare regularly now and she is happy and tired when we get home! It's great socialization and play for her, and I've seen her getting much more comfortable around other dogs since sending her there. I appreciate all the time and energy that all the staff put into caring for my puppy while she's there, and I always feel comfortable leaving her in their hands. More...


Kipawa Harder

After a bad altercation with a biting dog, I had to work on desensitizing my dog as he had become fearful aggressive. I took both the Reactive Dog Class and Advanced Reactive Dog Class with Andrew at Good Hound. Andrew gave us the foundation we both needed (the altercation scared me too!) so that I could work on lowering my dog's stress level and reactive reactions around other dogs. I can without a doubt say that Andrew and Good Hound have your dog's best interests at heart. The classes we attended have dropped Kipawa's reactivity around other dogs a great amount. Andrew provided so much information and ideas for us to work with. I continue to work with Kipawa anytime we encounter a dog on our walks. I'm confident that my boy will get closer to being the happy and carefree dog he was. Thanks Andrew and thanks to Good Hound for being outstanding members in our community of Ladner/Tsawwassen! More...


Pam McMartin

Andrew has worked with our rescue dog Hercules in private training sessions, we have taken him to obedience class, to weekly Paw Club and we also take him to daycare once or twice a week and we have been nothing, but impressed with all of the services offered by Good Hound. Hercules being a rescue dog has some issues he had to work through and we would not have been able to do so without the support of Andrew. His training methods focus on positive reinforcement and he has helped us come so far with our dog. Weekly Paw Club outings have also been wonderful as they allow us to work with our dog in busy situations with the support of a trainer. We have also been very impressed with the daycare. Because the daycare is run by a dog trainer, out dog is getting consistent training as well at the ability to socialize. We were not sure how Hercules would do in a group daycare setting, but because of the knowledge of the people at the daycare, his integration was seamless and not only has he done well at daycare he loves it. I cannot recommend Good Hound enough for training and daycare services. More...


Jeannine Bornais

I recently took Walks N Wags First Aid for Pets and was fortunate to take it at Good Hound Training in Ladner. Mallory is a great instructor with an obvious passion for the career path she and her husband have chosen. Her energy and instruction style are laid back, and peppered with funny as well as heartwarming and, even, sad stories regarding experiences she’s had during which first aid was required for her or another’s dogs. The 10-hour course is intensive... and fun... with live dogs to help you put into practice what you learn. And, surprisingly, the day goes by in the blink of an eye!

Once you’re certified with First Aid for Pets, you can upgrade with Off the Grid. This 3-hour course is recommended if you’ll ever find yourself 2 or more hours away from a vet hospital, i.e. camping or hiking. I took Off the Grid this past weekend, and what fun we had figuring out how to “McGuyver” bandages and stretchers out of common everyday items (sans first aid kits). This time, I took along my almost 2-year old silver lab, Atticus. He was a great sport and Mallory treated him like a pro – understanding that he’s still a puppy and keeping him relaxed all the while letting him “be a puppy” and have a good time while “working”. Her obvious love and knowledge of dogs and their psychology is remarkable and definitely an attribute to her success.

I would not only recommend the Walks N Wags First Aid for Pets to anyone who has a pet, but I would recommend, specifically, taking the course through Good Hound Training. When the time comes to recertify, I hope that Mallory is still instructing the course.

Great job and good luck in all that the future holds for you!

Jeannine and Atticus


Lindsay McCormick

Can’t say enough great things about Good Hound Training. Very happy we have a positive reinforcement training facility in our little town. Andrew is awesome with our dog Daisy and she trusted him right away. She’s a reactive 2 year old who has been a challenge. A few classes with Andrew trained us to help her deal with the world and all things that make her crazy. We’re armed with games and techniques to use and already see a positive change in her. Thanks Andrew !!! More...

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Making a difference in both the lives of the dog and its owner.

We started out rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating dogs which lead us desiring to do more to help dogs and their owners but also to help set a standard in a very unregulated industry.