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Rimi Grewal

Golds is a great gym to work out at, it is clean and has a lot of equipment to work out on even during busy times! The front reception, especially Darpan, is always attentive and greets members with a warm smile. Keep it up! �


Jameson Watson

Fantastic gym love the environment at the Northgate location everyone is there to put in work! Darpan working the front is always genuine, kind, and helpful when you need anything. 10/10 keep it up!


Monika Siebert

I’m still waiting for my written contract after a week , I have contacted them daily to send it — they keep sending someone else’s contract ! Not a good sign of doing business... how will the training be?? More...


Paulie Sarro

One of the front desk associate Darpan, is amazing at her job. She made me feel welcome when I stepped into the gym and was always ready to answer any of my questions. Really amazing service 5 stars all round. More...


Arlene Michelin

First time I joined the gym and I have been given the best from the mananger right to the trainer. Would recommend this gym if your looking to make life changes �


Abdoul Jko

Very good gym and i always have a good workout in, nice staff, Ali is a good guy, one of the best employees, he always has the answers to my questions and keeps the gym nice and clean !


Shane Forre

Golds gym is an awesome gym. Dennis Glover is the best trainer there. come through and get the best bodybuilding advice from the Best Natural Bodybuilder in Alberta. He knows his stuff


Sheikh Tuko

I’ve been a regular member since 2008 I love the equipment and the facility, the staff is very friendly, I like the front desk staff Ali, he is very nice and he’s always on top of everything, coffee, keeping the gym clean, towels etc....


Sukhdeep Mann

Dennis Glover is an awesome trainer at Golds Gym Country Hills. He is very helpful with his clients and helps them achieve all their goals. He is usually busy but he takes a moment to correct my form and technique during a workout. Thanks Dennis and thanks golds gym country hills for providing an atmosphere for me to reach my goals More...


Jagjit Sadiura

I visited to their gym, by Marlborough mall, north gate in2016, I never went there again as I have full membership from YMCA, after 15 months, I received call from collection agency to pay $1500, when I asked them why, I were told that I did not pay for membership from 2016 to 2017. So everyone, please be careful, these guys will rip you off and do not give them any information unless you are fully prepared to join their gym. I did not pay and now forward all calls from collection agency to Gold gym customer service centre. More...


Ikram Khan

-1 point for country hills gold's steam room not working 90% of the time.


Nguyễn Ngọc Thùy Dung

Gold’s Gym ignored customer and took wrong money. Did anyone have situation like me? I wanted to pay for my cancellation fee and I called Golds Gym to ask. A lady said just pay $200. I came to Golds Gym NorthGate and the staff named Tracey Gloria told me to pay more $170. I asked her why I have to pay that much money and she said something I didn’t understand. Totally I have to pay $370 for my cancellation fee @@. After that I asked her like Golds Gym will send me information about money I paid and she said Yes. I paid for my cancellation fee on 26 March 2018. After trying calling them many times the receptionist named Yasmine emailed me about the invoice for cancellation fee but just $208.95. How about the rest of $170? The important thing I wanna know I paid $170 for what and She didn’t give me any invoices about that money. Yasmine said she would send me the screenshot about invoices of the last 2 months and I still didn’t receive anything for many days.
I still keep the receipts for money I paid at Golds Gym on 26 March 2018 so I need an answer from a Golds Gyms manger. I have never seen this service before =.= Dont come here!! This is worst Gym i’ve ever been to, i need all the information ASAP.


Drew Tyler Abbott

I have only gone twice ever in my life and enjoyed it. The pusher of golds must have been Gary Young. Even making me go to the damn old folks park to try and workout. it is now a success story as im am a regular at other locations. Gary Young.........Gold Medal standard. More...


Runveer Bhangoo

I usually work out at the country hills location but I decided to try the north gate location. Darpan who worked at the front desk was very helpful and showed me where all the machines I was looking for were. She also answered all the questions I asked which made it a very enjoyable experience. 10/10 will recommend to friends and family. More...


Ryan Hourd

Terrible experience, if I could give 0 stars I would. I was a member for around a year at which point I went in to cancel as there was another gym closer to me. I was told that my account had been canceled and that was the last I heard of it. Now, more than a year later they are trying to claim that I never canceled and that I owe them for the last year. Worse yet I actually know of 2 other people that this has happened to. Do not give this company your money. More...


Marie Alanano Go

Very nice people around... staff is very friendly except for one lady at the desk in CH location. My only issue that i have in mind is that the Zumba instructor has always been changing. At first i always come everyday for Zumba because i like the instructors like Ali Steph, Charlie, Kendyl and Cody and Byron they' re the best!!!! Now???? When are they coming back again in their regular slot??? Well actually im planning to move onto other gym after i finish my 1 year in Golds. Because of these ..... More...


Roxanne Abl

Love this place. Missing strength/weights class (like PUMP from GoodLife) Otherwise a great place. Love the classes instructors and plenty of machine and free weights so never have to wait or work in.


Tyler Yose

I’ve been all over North America for sports, trying out different facilities and when I came across the golds in yyc I was extremely impressed with not only the quality of equipment, but the extensive selection! For the past few years I’ve been lifting heavy, and the 150s at my gym became relatively easy. Finding the 200s were an amazing sight because I got a new goal! I lifted them last month and still can’t believe these facilities had dumbbells all the way up to the 200 mark! More...


Daniel Wudwud

Terrible guest policies that make no sense. Front desk and managerial staff that have no idea why they have to do things. Still waiting for them to email me back with an answer to their terrible policy ideas about local addresses only. Overall terrible experience. Would not recommend. More...


Troy Luna

This gym can't get any shadier than this. I emailed them to cancel my membership and one of the manager replied to me that she will cancel it on a specific date. One month later I received a 104 dollar bill.. I'm not the only one who is getting scammed, plently of people I know from this gym are getting scam too. Please guys, if you are planning to join this gym don't.. You'll end up paying them for the rest of your life. More...

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