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Micheal S

29 January 2019

The staff here are pretty great. Had a small self inflicted problem and dealt with the manager Lauren. She was great and extremely pleasant to talk to. I would recommend this gym


Zain Khan

9 January 2019

I had my Personal Training session with Floriane who was exceptionally professional in everything. Being someone whose not new to the fitness industry and yet still come out of it with a handful of tips and information, I can say with confidence, she's an extremely qualified individual who goes over everything in detail, enticing you the best version of yourself.10/10 experience overall.



7 January 2019

Looking for the absolute best training place in Edmonton? Then go to Full Force Fitness, no doubt at all. This place is huge, you can train at your own pace and always find a spot for that. Just check out all of its services as it would take too long to describe them. And maybe some additional calisthenics facilities could be in the offing... More...


Mel M

12 December 2018

On my initial visit, during seemingly the busiest time of the day (6PM), I was pleasantly surprised. I only used the treadmill, and mat area, but it seemed like no one had to wait for anything, and there was lots of space for people to do their own thing. They had a little turf area where people could do strongmen stuff, and then booth tables by their food area for people to sit, which was cool.

The locker room was spacious and very clean. I took a peek at the hot tub area and it looked good, but didn't partake.

I will update once I've been a few more times, but overall I generally pleased.

The one thing I would suggest, is to provide a wall of cubbies, for people that are more the in and out type.


Peter Kennedy-Terlaan

9 December 2018

Good atmosphere. It's really busy after 5 but I still manage to get my workout done in a reasonable time. Love coming here and will still be a patron despite having moved farther away.

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