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If “going to the gym” was the answer to our problems, 2/3 of our population would not be overweight, obese, or frustrated by a lack of results! If you haven’t realized already, success is NOT about the gym! It’s about getting the coaching, support, and accountability you need to positively transform your beliefs, habits, and daily behaviours.


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Lindsey roy

23 July 2019

Over the years I have been a member of several gyms and had personal trainers. Fresh Fitness has been ‎my favourite. They are professional but also friendly. They are very educated and keep up to date with ‎health information. They have been supportive in helping me to reach my goals. I am the type of person ‎that needs to be pushed hard and they are not shy about pushing me to get me to go past my limits. ‎Their eating plan has made the biggest impact. They helped me to find out what Metabolic Type I was. ‎That combined with doing 4 weeks of their sugar detox has helped me to stay away from junk food and ‎eat more cleanly. I never thought I would be able to get rid of sugar cravings and for the most part of I ‎have. It has been a year and I am now down 70 pounds. I appreciate their flexibility in scheduling. Things ‎come up and they always work with you to reschedule so that you don’t miss a workout. I recommend ‎Fresh Fitness to everyone because it has made my life so much better.‎ More...


Claire Legault

3 February 2017

Tim is amazing and so motivating. He really cares about every individual person he coaches, and he pushes me to work way harder than I ever would working out on my own.


Diana Richmond

15 September 2016

Amazing training staff. I have been with Fresh and Tim for close to 10 yrs now. Amazing coaches and even better results.

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Properly fuelling your body is one of the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance and an essential part of long term health. At FRESH!, we believe that nutrition is actually pretty straight forward. In fact, most people already know the basics of healthy eating...they just don't do it consistently. This means that more nutrition information isn't the solution.

The answer typically involves coaching on mindset and habits, moving your body regularly, and some specific coaching on the behavioural and emotional aspects of nutrition. Once these areas have been implemented, there is always the option to dive deeper into the technical aspects of nutrition, but in most cases that isn't necessary.

In fact, we aren't big fans of counting calories, weighing food, or measuring nutrient intakes. Over the past 30 years of coaching, we've found that these areas can create unnecessary frustration and confusion while establishing a counterproductive mindset around food, nutrition, and enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in mastering the 4 Pillars of Performance: Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel.
Each plays an important role in getting the results you desire from fitness and life. We've successfully helped thousands of people achieve their goals since 1994.

A positive proactive mindset and consistent daily success habits.

Most people think getting fit and losing weight is about going to the gym and dieting. This is incorrect. Without the correct mindset and habits, fitness and nutrition will always be "a chore", fail to be done correctly, and never produce the long term results you want.

This is why so many people struggle. We help you put each piece of the puzzle in place to accomplish all the goals you've dreamed of!

Helping people transform their mind, body, and spirit to live an awesome life. It's about opening people's minds to the possibility and potential in their life! When you are healthy, happy, and fit, this possibility is amplified.

I've always loved doing my own thing, and realized that I was frustrated with what other gyms and trainers were doing. I believe my method is much more effective and fun, and after 25 years as a professional coach, thousands of clients agree!

Since starting my business I've expanded to several facility locations as well as online coaching. My team of experts is among the best in the business. We all share the FRESH! philosophy and put it into practice every day.

There are few people in the fitness industry with the knowledge, experience, and proven track record of helping people reach their goals. As an international speaker, author, CEO, performance coach, and proud dad, I know what it takes to succeed and my team and I are passionate about helping facilitate your success. We guide the way and inspire you to do the work!