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Kylie Morey

12 May 2019

I've worked out with Tony since before F.R.E.E. Fitness existed and I am so proud of him and the rest of the team for bringing their incredible concept to life. Knowledgeable trainers, a great facility and budget conscious pricing program are hard to find on their own, and F.R.E.E. really delivers it all. 10/10 recommend! More...


Ashley Moorji

5 May 2019

I loved working with Jordan and all the free Fitness guys! They are knowledgeable, friendly, and determined to help their clients. If you are unsure, dont be! They welcome everyone of any shape, size and fitness level.You wont regret coming to them for your Fitness needs! More...


Minh V

26 April 2019

I started training with Ty Khan at Free Fit about 3 months ago, today I’m stronger, have better balance and just feel awesome after a good workout. I found Ty personable and a great teacher, I always enjoy both our training sessions and conversations. I came in with a previous (somewhat extensive) back surgery issue and shoulder pain, the back has not caused me a single problem during training and my shoulder aches have diminished significantly with my strength increasing. I did some lifting on my own before through self research, but I realize now I made some pretty rookie form mistakes that eventually caused unnecessary injuries. Having a knowledgeable trainer really makes a difference. I wasn’t sure about committing to a trainer at first because of my chaotic work schedule, but he’s been so flexible and amazing when it comes to scheduling and make up sessions. He’s been able to accommodate me every time with grace and zero guilt inducement. The Free Fit gym in general is just super chill, fun and welcoming. They let you choose your own session rate and they don’t try to upsale you, there are no set contracts with the trainer. Another big plus for me is that Free Fit doesn’t come off as a “meat head” or overly self involved gym, you won’t find anyone being overly competitive, showing off their big muscles, or sell you any hokey notion of “a actualized self”. Everyone I’ve encountered here is trying to have a good time while genuinely working on their health. Last and also important to me, the community makes you feel comfortable regardless of gender expression, body type, age or ability. Overall, if you’re looking to step up your health game, I would definitely recommend the team! More...


Crystal Kelly

26 April 2019

I highly recommend this group of fitness professionals! Tony and the whole crew are very welcoming, knowledgeable and fun to be around and the pay how you feel option is incredible. Especially for the quality of professional training you get.A special shout out to my trainer, Don He. He makes you feel so comfortable, supported and important. He’s engaged, open and just great fun to be around. I’ve had a few belly laughs during my workouts with him! Maybe not so good for the training...but great for the soul haha. Don is also very professional, thorough and hard working. He’s committed to his clients and I always know I can count on him. I’m in my third month of training with him and he’s changed up our workouts enough that I never get bored. He went and above and beyond and created a running program for me, to do outside of training with him, to prep for a 10k too! Be prepared to work hard, see and feel results, and have fun doing it if you train with Don. I can’t believe how much stronger and better I feel after just a couple months! More...


Lee Danderfer

26 April 2019

Great group of people doing things the right way. Very approachable and a very. easy going atmosphere. I have the pleasure of working with Tony and he is always respectful, honest, and he pushes me beyond my comfort level! Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, get in shape for an event, or already an elite athlete trying to get to the next level, this is a great place to be. More...


Kim Kadatz

26 April 2019

I just went for my first training session, today. I believe this is a fantastic place to train. The community is supportive and has a way of making you want to push harder and eventually out do your best. The team is friendly, out going and knowledgeable. A very welcoming place to be in for sure! More...


ainsley ann marie

27 March 2019

While I have not worked with F.R.E.E. Fitness in a training capacity, I have had the privilege of working alongside them on something else very special. I work for the Kids With Cancer Society, a non-profit here in Edmonton, and the team at F.R.E.E. Fitness have partnered with us for a fundraising event and we are blown away by their support. After meeting them and giving them the run-down of what the Society does, I could tell how invested they were in supporting a good cause and appreciated all of the thoughtful questions they asked about our families and their cancer journey. We are very lucky to have the support of such an amazing crew, and I hope we can work together again in the future! These guys are passionate about everything they do, and if you are considering F.R.E.E. Fitness for your training needs, I am confident that you will be in the right hands! More...


Rylie Bibaud

27 March 2019

The first thing i noticed about Tony is his smile and his upbeat personality! This guy radiates such a positive, supportive and encouraging attitude! He is definitely the guy to go to because he will motivate you to accomplish your goals! I also love the fact that F.R.E.E. fitness is so involved in the community and supports other multiple charities as well! I am so looking forward to working with Tony and getting to know the rest of the F.R.E.E. Fitness team going forward! More...


Brittany McGee

27 March 2019

10/10 would recommend FREE Fit! Training with Ty Khan has given me the confidence & motivation to finally step into a gym & be accountable for my health. As someone who had not worked out before, he has helped me rehab injuries & joint issues I have incurred over the years, as well as created a program for strength & conditioning. The outreach FREE does for the community is also phenomenal which makes you feel a part of something bigger. I would highly recommend FREE! More...


Dahliah Tomie

4 February 2019

Highly recommend!!! Tony and his team are experts at what they do. Their passion to help people become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves is what FUELS this company! If you haven’t already CONTACT THEM NOW see for yourself. You will not be dissapointed!! More...


Stefanie Zahara

26 January 2019

Jordan and Tony put on a F.R.E.E Fitness youth camp for my grade four class. This experience for my kids was truly inspiring! Tony and Jordan were fantastic role models and really made an effort to make a connection with each and every kid. My students and myself were left inspired to live an active and healthy life style! The kids were motivated throughout the entire experience and are already asking me when F.R.E.E Fitness can come back! After one session all my students were committed to being more active everyday. I highly recommend a youth F.R.E.E fitness class! More...


Hayley Story

20 January 2019

I would highly recommend F.R.E.E Fitness. I feel so welcome and a part of the fam whenever I go. Tony and all the trainers are experts in their craft. I always learn so much from the team. They motivated me continue on my health journey. Go and check them out! You won’t want to leave. More...


Ryan Pulongbarit

19 January 2019

Excellent facility and staff. They offer a wide variety of methods that they tailor to each individual. From body building and weight loss to athletic performance and Olympic weightlifting, the trainers are very knowledgeable. I’ve never felt more confident in my steps toward my fitness goals. THANK YOU F.R.E.E! More...


Yeg Gym Review

9 December 2018

This group is amazing. Their business model aims to provide people with easy access to fitness, and it seems like they're always raising money for one charity or another. So much positive energy from all of their trainers, and I've only ever had (and heard of) great experiences with them. More...

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