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Earvin Diaz

22 May 2019

Best coach ever, helped me lose 50+ lbs in 5 months, guided me all throughout my training, pushed me to reach my goal in fitness. Guided me for my body physique competition, which I got a Gold and Silver medal from two different categories. I didn't believe I would be able to achieve this accomplishment but Nicko believed in my potential and trained me to be stage ready. More...


Jennifer Yoon

22 May 2019

Was only with Nicko for a little while but he was super friendly, knowledgeable, and recommend him to anyone who wants to meet their fitness goals!


Avigail Pascua

26 April 2019

I joined FFYP in December to start prep for my first Bikini Compeition show in April 2019!! Honestly one of the best decisions I've made when it came to choosing a coach to assist in training and providing guidance with my diet plan. Nicko has surpassed my expectations and has dialed me in when it came to prep. He has got me to push myself in more ways than I can imagine in what I was able to capably achieve in the gym. I never expected to place in my first show, but to come out with two 2nd place medals out of 13 woman in one category and 7 woman in another is mind blowing. He's able to cater to what your body needs but also makes you challenge yourself with your personalized training plan that will be beneficial for your mind and body in the long run. The journey was worth it! More...


Xavier Perez

25 February 2019

I would 100% recommend this to anyone who's interested in transforming their lifestyle routine and goals. I managed to reach a lot of my goals with Nicko and his execution plan was really effective and catered to my needs. Excellent trainer and phenomenal supporter. More...


Alpha Pablo

26 January 2019

I was recommended to train with Nicko through a friend. I have been training with him since September and he met all the expectations I had through the recommendation. He is knowledgeable, motivating and very friendly! I have seen results I’ve never achieved before and learned so much! I highly recommend him! More...


Candace Joseph

26 January 2019

Very accommodating and patient. This trainer knows his stuff and will both encourage and challenge you.


Feliza Fanto

27 December 2018

For years I’ve been struggling with my body and working out because I didn’t have the proper guidance, but then I discovered FFYP and I’m so glad that I joined! Nicko is a knowledgeable, firm, supportive, and kind trainer. He provides a variety of workout plans, as well as a meal plan, to help in achieving goals and at the same time, he is accommodating to specific needs, which is perfect for me since I’m recovering from knee injuries and surgeries. Since joining FFYP, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my energy level throughout the day, especially at work, as well as in my physical strength when doing different tasks. I’ve also been more motivated and confident in working out, and it’s all thanks to Nicko for being an awesome trainer! More...


Alysa Rafael

27 December 2018

I've been contemplating on finding a personal trainer that fits my preferences for several years now and I am more than happy that I chose FFYP. Training with Nicko has been amazing. Nicko shows that he genuinely cares for your progress throughout your journey and pushes and motivates you to do your best at all times. I can definitely say that Nicko makes you feel comfortable and allows you to put your trust in him 100%. If you're looking for someone to help you achieve your goals please do not hesitate to choose FFYP. You wont regret it! More...


Karen mae Samson

27 December 2018

I have been training with Nicko since july of 2018 and I must say that I have never felt stronger and better than before. He is very knowledgeable and very satisfied with his services. Highly recommended for anyone achieving any health goals. More...


Rezthebarber Thefinesttouch

30 July 2018

One of the best trainers in Toronto, doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight or to gain muscle, Nicko will find the best training program that fits your specific body type. I highly recommend him to everyone looking for healthier lifestyle! More...