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FITHAUS is a personal training company proudly serving select cities across Canada and the GTA. We start off by holding a quick 10 minute phone call to learn more about you and your needs so that we can pair you with the right trainer on our team for a complimentary one-hour assessment. Our rates for personal training start at $60 per session.

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14 May 2019

Customer service was great. Very friendly and helpful. The actual trainer (Henry) was very good, knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. I would definitely recommend Fithaus to anyone. More...


Vladimir S

8 May 2019

At first I was hesitant about hiring a personal trainer due to the costs involved. After working with Lucas over the past few months, I can easily say it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. FITHAUS has offered a ton of convenience in having my trainer come to my condo and working with me on my schedule. I'm seeing results much faster than I expected and I couldn't be happier. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend FITHAUS and their service to anyone. More...



3 May 2019

Working with FITHAUS has really helped me learn how to structure and tailor my workouts going forward...I honestly think this was one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made!



3 May 2019

Quality personal trainers - I've worked with FITHAUS over the past couple years and have recommended this organization to my friends and coworkers

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FITHAUS takes a highly personalized approach to making sure you're paired with the right trainer on our team. We start by learning more about you and your fitness goals in greater detail over a ten minute phone call. From there, one of our managers will select a highly qualified personal trainer on our team who we believe is the best fit for you. We'll then set you up with a complimentary one hour assessment so that you can get a feel for the service. All of our packages include complimentary nutritional advice to ensure that you're on track to reach your goals.

FITHAUS is Canada's leading personal training service. We take a highly personalized approach to making sure you're successful in reaching your fitness goals.