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Susan Sinclair

5 February 2019

I have been training with Hayden for almost three months now. Initially this move on my part was WAY out of my comfort zone! But Hayden quickly made me feel comfortable and I felt my confidence grow as he helped me become stronger. He is extremely knowledgeable and comes prepared for each session which are always different and innovative.
I value his expertise, his supportive approach, his reliability and his willingness to help in whatever way he can to ensure I reach my goals. I’ve learned so much and have done workouts I never would have thought I could do in the past.
If you‘re seeking an amazing trainer to attain your fitness goals, look no further!


Daryl Adam

5 February 2019

Watching Hayden do his magic at Renegade Training Company has been eye opening. So much knowledge about human movement, and the process to get the body's mechanisms to begin working properly again -- goodbye soreness with First Move!

Can't wait for his Kin Stretch to launch!


Heather Gladstone

5 February 2019

Hayden is an amazingly knowledgeable trainer. I love that the sessions are always different. I feel better in so many ways. I am a strong senior after training with Hayden!! Highly recommend checking him out!!! More...


Jharna Limbu Jones

5 February 2019

Training with Hayden was great. He was professional and very creative with exercises. He listens to his client needs. I find Hayden very knowledgeable about body kinetics and exercises. I find him very flexible during our workout session and I was never bored. More...


Gary Greenstein

5 February 2019

Over the years i have had personal trainers. Never happy with many of them. I am in my late 60's and needed to do something about my health and well being. So i went on a search for a Trainer. i Found Hayden. He has motivated me and in a short time seen results. He takes care and understanding of your and goals to accomplish your goals. CHECK HAYDEN OUT More...


Nina Rehill

5 February 2019

Hayden leverages his knowledge from his Kinesiology degree attained at the University of British Columbia (UBC) with his passion for holistic wellness and puts the "personal" in "personal trainer". He listens to feedback and creates unique programs that support the individual and their fitness journey. I would highly recommend Hayden to anyone looking for a personal trainer who will meet you at your level and promote health and wellness in all capacities of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. More...


Tessa Brown

1 August 2018

I would recommend him to anyone- my results were excellent, exactly what I was looking for. He want above and beyond , coming up with creative workouts that fit my specifications and needs. If you are looking for a new trainer or for somebody to help you overhaul your workout routine, definitely check him out. More...


Deborah Marxmeier

7 May 2018

I would never have thought of getting a personal trainer, until I started to get some pain in my joints that affected my ability to enjoy running and other activities. I have been running for a long time as my only daily exercise and I thought that my running days were over, as I was less energetic, suffering aches and pains and feeling like I may have to give it up. I started training with Hayden about two months ago, and the improvement has been amazing. I have been feeling stronger and more energetic by the week. I am feeling like I can enjoy my runs again, instead of dreading them. I also feel better overall and have been inspired to eat healthier as well. Hayden has taken such care in making me feel confident at the gym, as well as developing a foundation. He is super knowledgeable but also takes the time to help me understand what I am doing and how my body is working. We also talk about good health and nutrition. i enjoy the gym because Hayden makes it fun as we build and advance on my training. Every session is positive and I feel more confident each time. Hayden has an energetic and motivating personality and I feel very grateful for his patience and encouragement along the way. More...


Laura McCallum

26 April 2018

Hayden is a knowledgeable, focused trainer that personalizes all workout to the individual. I started working with Hayden after having my first child and I was scared and unsure of what my body could do and doing more damage. He was very empathetic but also effective. We built up my strength and core slowly until I was stronger than I was pre baby. And I was pain free! All my pain was gone after personal training with Hayden. I would highly recommend Hayden as a personal trainer! More...


Darcy Gladstone

25 April 2018

Hayden is an amazingly knowledgeable trainer. I love that the sessions are always different. I feel better in so many ways. I am a strong senior after training with Hayden!! Highly recommend checking him out!!! More...

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