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the bollywood Movie

23 November 2018

I like this border crossing no police


Carlos Barrera

4 September 2018

Very friendly agent. Quick service considering the long line and the rain


Johnny Utah

16 August 2018

Polite officers and extreme helpful. The real world doesn’t have a clue what these men and women do. At times it can get frustrating, but they defend a lot more than the boarder.


Master iOqY

10 July 2018

Renovated port of entry on the Canadian side. We crossed over from the US to Canada and there was barely any wait. The agent was firm but professional.



25 June 2018

Staff was very nice and friendly, took less than 5 minutes


Mahdi Hosseininia

2 June 2018

Extremely professional, respectful and nice officers. Very nice and clean office. fast service.


Rev. Brad Jackson

31 May 2018

My father and I visited this Border Crossing in the height of the heatwave in June 1994. We were heading to a relatives wedding in Ontario, and the cheapest deal going at the time was to fly to New York and drive there and back in a rented Plymouth Sundance (a K car, but a pretty decent one despite being cheap - and it had the desperately needed luxury of air conditioning).

We came through on a weekday, around lunchtime, and the place was reasonably quiet, about the same as a UK motorway bridge toll booth. There was a nice roofed area, that kept most of the intense, blinding sunlight off the waiting vehicles and the hot tarmac, and the offices were deliciously air conditioned. The staff were polite, courteous, and didn't lose their cool despite the heatwave that brought insane humidity, air temperature, blazing sunlight, the perfect storm to bring on my father's sudden meltdown and loss of temper at having to pay tax on the wedding gift he had been bragging about...

They were very thorough in explaining why crystal imported from overseas required duty (reasonable), that there was no other option (reasonable), and, in the most polite tones, that if he didn't like the situation we could turn the car around and cross back in New York State (again, perfectly reasonable).

After paying the import duty I manhandled and practically shoved him back into the car so as to avoid a diplomatic incident. His own hubris had created the situation, and the guys at the border were doing their jobs. In fact, I felt so bad about it that once I'd got him out of harm's way, I went back in to thank them for their patience, congratulate them on a skillfully handled job, and apologise for the scene, which they good naturedly put down to an attack of jet lag.

So in summary I salute these guys. With all manner of powers at their fingertips they were kind, considerate and restrained. They were indeed a credit to their nation, and demonstrated the calm efficient nature that is innate to the Canadian people. Yes, it is now 24 years ago, and many changes may have taken place, but this is my personal recollection of a place that remains important to me all these years later. One day j would like to retrace the journey, from JFK to Ontario and back by car, only *this* time I get my way and get to stop at Niagara Falls! Honestly. Who drives that many miles and decides its "too far out of the way". My father, that's who. The walking diplomatic incident waiting to happen. Godspeed you, Canadian Border dudes, you're the best!


David Mark

22 May 2018

There is only one lane. It was Victoria Day at 6pm...it took 1 hour to pass through which was better than the Phillipsburg border crossing.


Ricardo Cristofolini

13 May 2018

Went there in a weekend. No lines, delays or whatsoever. Guys there were really nice, though serious and professionals.


Nima Mostofi

25 April 2018

The Custom staff north of Roseau, MN are professional, friendly, and very courteous agents. These folks, not only have been welcoming but, always go out of their way and scope of duty to aid and assist visitors.
wonderful folks.


Corey Reynolds

5 February 2018

The additional lanes offered by the new checkpoint are appreciated - if they're open.


Soviet Russia

14 January 2018

Crossed this border once at night, no traffic, (that's the way all borders are when at night), guards were strict and professional (like they should be), but very polite when questioning the basic why questions, what questions, where questions, when questions and so on.


Dylan Slater

13 January 2018

Come through here every year. Can't wait to see the new building completed. Nice welcoming patrol agents. Great scenery on those days where the line is long.



25 September 2017



Ghanshyambhai Sindhav

4 September 2017




26 August 2017

Professional and friendly border agents.


OttawaTiresDirect .com

26 May 2017

We have crossed this border crossing now for over 10 years and as expected - the guards are strict and serious, always by the book - as we expect them to be - but are also very polite, professional and extremely courteous. The facility recently had an upgrade and looks much more modern and larger than it did before.

It is also nice to see some staff that have been there for years - with experience in handling almost any matter.


Mohamad Maktabi

8 March 2017

I love this crossing point!


Logan Long

27 November 2016

They do their job right

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