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Deb Bailey Personal Training

Kitchener, ON

1 hire on Bark.com
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Deb Bailey Personal Training

Kitchener, ON

1 hire on Bark.com


Deb is a highly educated personal trainer, certified in multiple disciplines. She is a Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro), Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist (American Fitness Professionals Association), and a Muscle Activation Techniques Trainer (MAT).


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Nancy Ansley

22 March 2019

I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and a metal rod in my right leg from a broken femur.I have worked for some time now with Deb Bailey and am very happy.She modifies an exercise when it presents an issue for my body.She keeps me motivated and we have some chuckles each day.Thanks for making me stronger Deb.You are the best. More...


Jane Gingerich

21 March 2019

Deb does a great job at pushing you to do things that might be out of your comfort zone without going to far. Very knowledgeable and competent.



21 March 2019

Deb has helped me a lot. I feel better than I have for quite a while. My satisfaction with the exercises has put me on the right track.


Mary W

19 March 2019

Deb is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. She pinpointed issues that I was having even though I was unaware. She is a great combination of enthusiasm and gentle pushing forward.

I highly recommend her!


Linda Whitmore

16 March 2019

I have been working with Deb since last August. In addition to being a professional who knows her stuff, she is incredibly supportive as a trainer. It's been great to have programs tailored specifically to my needs. I am feeling so much better physically than when I started 10 months ago, and that has equally impacted my self-confidence. Thanks so much, Deb! More...


I like to sit down and have a conversation with potential clients about what has brought them to making changes in their health and fitness. Very often people are coming from a negative place, such as being overweight, physically unable to do tasks or activities they used to enjoy with ease, or just simply wanting to preserve and strengthen the physical and emotional well being they have right now.
Then I usually do an assessment on their movement patterns, their ranges of motion through all joint movements, and get some in-depth background on their health and their goals. Then I write programs that reflect those goals.
From there we agree on how often we will meet, and I create a program that will address all of these things. And then we get started!

Understanding your goals and what it takes to get to them is the first step. The next step is to put that plan into action. This requires commitment from the client and from me. When we work towards the same goals, we get there.

The absolute pleasure I get from seeing people succeed and thrive through improved fitness and health! There is nothing better than helping someone get to their goals. I love that my days are filled with variety and each client is a different challenge and joy to work with!

Many years ago, I was out of shape and I didn't exercise at all, and I didn't understand the value of it. I got to the point of no return when I couldn't fit into my clothes, and I puffed just walking up a few flights of stairs. So I took the plunge, got working out, and over a few years understood the potential and power of the human body and began to enjoy how I felt and looked. After a while, I realized that I wanted to help people get there too - but not just the people with no physical issues, but everyone regardless of their physical health.

I throw everything I've got into helping you get where you want to go. I will be your trainer, collaborator, cheerleader, and health care support. I will consult confidentially with your doctors, physios, chiropractors, and osteopaths as needed.