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Henry T.

8 April 2019

A good place to do CrossFit.   They have several classes a day.  I did not have any experience before and received some good initial technique training by the owner, Chris, at the start.


Federico G. Velasquez

27 March 2019

I travel extensively due to work. This has become an opportunity for me to visit a number boxes around the world. And this is why I am always glad to be back at Crossfit Lions West, the cave where I feel home. My gratitude and credit to Chris and the coaching team for having built an setting where commitment, comradery and fun meet and help anyone (in whatever level one may be) in their search to be fit-for-purpose. More...


Ali Heydary

27 March 2019

I joined the CrossFit Lion about 6 months ago and have been enjoying every session and made great progress so far. I have lost about 10 lb. Chris is very knowledgeable, the coaches are very supportive and members are very friendly. Highly recommend CF. More...


Hugo Arevalo

27 March 2019

I have been doing Crossfit for over 9 years at Crossfit Lions. Chris and his team have managed to create a sense of community that goes beyond the time at the gym. He has done a great job at engaging the members in activities both social and exercise focused that make coming to the gym a pleasant experience. Crossfit Lions is a place where you can come everyday, sweat a bit, have a healthy sense of competition for all levels of fitness and enjoy the time around people who know you and help you to get better and reach your fitness goals. More...


Mihai Popescu

27 March 2019

What started as a reason for improving a certain health condition three years ago, ended up to become quite a passion for me coming to Lions. Even though I am in perfect health now, I am continuing to attend the Lions classes even more. This is thanks to Chris and his excellent team who made me enjoying classes so much. I am not that young anymore, but I can say that I am in my best shape ever. A variety of exercises, professional guidance from instructors, motivation, team spirit during workout, and a lot of humor and fun, are to mention only a few. Health, fitness and wellbeing are ones of my greatest and important achievements at Lions! Thank you Lions, you deserve way more than 5 stars! More...


Vlado Milanovic

27 March 2019

Crossfit lions is an fantastic gym that really feels like your extended urban workout family. The instructors are patient knowledgeable and really guide you to be the best you can be in both a relaxed and driven atmosphere. It’s a great place to come and get in shape and meet amazing people. Highly recommended gym for both serious CrossFitters and newbies. Try out their 1 week free trial More...


Izzy S

27 March 2019

The CF Lions coaches and community are amazing! Great programming and super friendly environment. Chris does a great job making you feel right at home. I really love that they don't keep score to keep it fun rather than ultra competitive as I have experienced at other gyms. Highly recommend! More...


Erin RantaOjala

27 March 2019

Can’t say enough good things about Crossfit Lions. I just started here a few months ago and it already feels like home. Both locations have amazing coaches that are knowledgeable and supportive. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. I am very happy and lucky to be a part of this amazing community!! More...


Rahul Garg

27 March 2019

I joined CrossFit Lions in late November 2018. I was in moderate shape at the time. But after three months of going there regularly with a 2 week break in December 2018, I reached a whole new level of flexibility in my hips and gained back, shoulder and leg strength. My body became way more chiseled and defined. I am now able to breath greater volumes of air through my nose rather than having to breath using my mouth while exercising. Almost got a four pack of abdominal muscles and have begun to use multiple muscle groups at once with proper coordination. Definitely the most functional form of working out and lots of endorphins to enjoy at the end of the workout. More...


Nathan Santos

27 March 2019

I've really enjoyed working out at CrossFit Lions. What I love is the fun, but really comfortable atmosphere. It's not intimidating, and the classes are wonderfully welcoming, engaging, and modified to various skill levels. Highly recommended, regardless of age and skill. Chris and the coaches are great! Looking forward to continuing my workouts here. More...


Sorcha MacDonald

27 March 2019

I came to the gym in order to rehab a lot of injuries. The coaching staff have all been great and have allowed me to work at the pace I need to rather than forcing me to do Rx workouts and injure myself further (something I experienced dropping in at some other Crossfit gyms). Chris is awesome and I can totally recommend the gym. More...


Gillian Scott

12 February 2019

Fun and focused training. Chris does a great job to welcome everyone into the gym and make sure you can participate at your level, for your goals. All done with humor and support.


Lisha M.

10 February 2019

Amazing gym! I was super nervous about crossfit but everyone was so supportive, friendly and motivating! The coaches are knowledgeable, helpful and pretty damn awesome! I really liked the variety of class times and you have 2 gyms to pick from! If you want to start crossfit I would highly recommend CrossFit Lions! More...


Sophie Tsai

11 August 2018

Such an awesome gym with friendly and knowledgeable coaches. Love the Olympic Lifting classes here. Huge variety of equipment (ergs, barbells, bumper plates, rig, etc.). Great selection of classes. They also have showers and change rooms here which is really convenient if you want to freshen up after your workout! More...


Liz Buchanan

6 April 2018

Great atmosphere with awesome people and knowledgeable coaches.

I started coming here when I was quite unfit and, although I still have a way to go until I reach all my fitness goals, I'm in 10x better shape than I was when I started about a year ago.

Chris has been super helpful getting me to where I am a lot faster than I otherwise would be, and all the coaches are friendly and great at helping with technique and altering exercises for injuries.

I thought that Crossfit would be a bit intimidating but everyone there is friendly and super supportive, really couldn't recommend this place enough!


Gina Lyon

31 January 2018

Awesome gym! Great coaches! Amazing community vibe! I started at Crossfit Lions 7 months ago when my old gym closed down and am so glad I did - my technique has improved, my strength is up, and I can't wait for the next workout. Everyone is there to work hard and support one another - there is a great family feel to this gym. Can't say enough :) More...


Lindsay M.

20 December 2017

4.5/5I came to Lions as a drop in and I enjoyed it immensely. The community was quite friendly and it was more spacious than other boxes I've been too. They have a reverse hyper, which is a major win. I think they could use a new GHD machine though. Chris, the owner, introduced himself with a big smile and a handshake, and made me feel right at home. The environment was quite relaxed, and yet the gym has a few members that have gone to the games and are strong in the sport. Nice bathrooms too! More...



29 October 2017

The Maker's Body CrossFit is more than just a place to workout. This gym feels like a club, like a community. The coaches are amazing and get to know the members on a personal level and they know how to encourage and motivate in the workouts.The other members are so much fun and it feels like we are all working together to real our own goals but doing it together.The workouts are always challenging and I love how good it feels when I get through a WOD. I feel stronger and more energetic and it carries on to my day to day.The fees are very competitive for the quality that your get.I can't promote this place enough. It really is a very special gym. Check it out and experience what I am saying for yourself! More...


Debra K.

11 September 2017

So here's an update....I"ve been going to Boot Camp now for almost 8 weeks.  A few hangups along the way, I was down with a nasty cold for about 10 days at the beginning and last week, lower back pain (had this issue before from an old car accident) and had to take the week off.  But, I'm back it now and I do feel a difference in my strength etc which is great!!  I'm actually just getting ready to head out for the 7 am class which I'm currently doing 3 days a week.  I would go every day, but my old, damaged knees need a days break in between!  Love the instructors, who are really great with advice and suggestions of how to do different moves if you have "limitations" like I have!!   Oh, and its been slow, but I've lost a few "lbs" along the way too! More...


Maine M.

5 February 2016

Tyron's a super friendly guy and a good coach, ensuring you absorb proper technique before beginning so you don't hurt yourself. The gym's a bit "industrial" in feel - but that's probably the way of most Xfit gyms - and perhaps the "no-nonsense" decor helps one focus on the essential spirit of arduous physical activity. Xfit ain't cheap but The Maker's Body is very competitively priced with other gyms around the city. I'd definitely recommend this place! More...


Geoffrey M.

4 February 2016

I recently joined TMBCF through the living social voucher. I have had problems my whole life maintaining discipline regarding my fitness and nutrition. I needed to be part of a community where heathy lifestyle takes precedence. I needed to be made accountable to my health. On the other hand, I needed a friendly, ego free atmosphere where I didn't feel turned off or intimidated, or ashamed. I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Since starting I am happy to report I am now a full time member and have also signed up for Tyron's nutrition program. I feel welcome there, and the coaches are super friendly, as well as professional, knowledgeable, and responsible. Tyron's sincerity is obvious, his fitness is outstanding and he is a super nice guy! What more could you ask for in a trainer? More...


Catherine B.

6 January 2016

*EDIT: After I posted this review Tyron contacted me to get more feedback about my experience at his gym. He's reminded his team not to use cellphones when they're coaching. He's also said that he and his coaching team will be meeting regularly to review lifting techniques and to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding form. With those changes, plus Ty's willingness to accept feedback, I've changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars. More...


Megan H.

30 January 2015

Great place to get fit and fun. The coaches are very informative and pay close attention to form, offering very detailed guidance when performing your workout and weight lifting. No pressure to ever do more than your are comfortable with.  I have recommended Makers Body to several co workers, my own clients and friends!Im looking forward to my own body transformations with Tyron and everyone at the  Makers Body Cross Fit. More...


Jeison L.

2 October 2013

Had the fortunate opportunity to experience Maker's Body CrossFit during the last round of Metabody Fitness Passes on Groupon. I must say the drop-in classes were a gift and a curse. First the good: The facility is fantastic. A very modern gym with all the things you'd need to achieve your aspired fitness goals. Kettle bells, barbells, climbing ropes, TRX straps and so on; the facility is clean, organized and fully loaded. Having only completed my 10 drop-in classes for the CrossFit Foundations (teaches basics and fundamentals of CF finishing with a solid workout at the end), I can only comment and review that portion of my Maker's Body experience. And I must say, it is an extremely awesome experience! The foundations classes walks you through some of the more complex movements and exercises that would appear during the regular CrossFit sessions. This teaching process is well-paced and very fun. This, in no small part, is a direct result of Tyron the owner and lead instructor at Maker's Body. He is a charming, well-educated and FIT instructor who really cares about the facility and its participants. My friends and I all agreed that he's really the cherry on top of an already stellar metaphorical sundae. Now for the bad: as Kelly L. mentioned, the price is rather steep. Especially for those on a budget who may also be accustomed to only paying $30-$50 per month for their gym passes; it was the biggest obstacle to my not returning after the Groupon had run its course. Another small gripe is the location. Because I live in Vancouver, it was a bit of a trek to drive across to North Van in order to make the classes. Was it worth it? HELL YES!!! However, until my finances stabilize and I can better dedicate myself, Maker's Body will remain a pipe dream and fond, fond memory. More...


Kelly L.

13 January 2013

I've tried many gyms and diets from health & fitness magazines and shakes like ViSalus and never saw such impressive results nor as fast as I did with Makers. After the first workout at half the intensity, I was sore and stiff as heck for 3 days but I pushed myself to return and within a week (3x/week) I saw my arms and legs tightening up, my middle was getting stronger and firmer already and that has always been the bane of my existence. I felt strong, sleek and confident in how I look and it's addictive! I actually look forward to working out  now because I SEE the difference and I can still eat the same way I always eat. I like how different days have workouts that target different muscle groups so every part of your body gets worked on. For example: Mon & Tues have Workout A, Wed & Thurs has Workout B, Friday has Workout C and Saturday has Workout D. You can track your progress and strength building from Workout A from Week 1 to Week 2. Another perk is that the muscles used in Workout A get a break to repair and recover while you focus on another group of muscles for Workout B.My only concern is the price which I find really hard to maintain as a student. I hope that as word gets out there of this neighbourhood gem, that the prices will drop as the volume absorbs more of the costs. More...


Shayna D.

23 May 2012

I wish there was a 10 star option :)I have been to 3 different boot camps over the years and The Maker's Body is by far my favourite.  Every class gives you a full body workout that pushes you to your OWN limits, concentrating on every area of your body.I found in the past that boot camps concentrate on one specific area, anyone that's done lunges and squats knows there a limit and in past boot camps I have not been able to walk let alone work out for a few days after.  That is NOT the way to do it.  I leave Tyron's class feeling worked, sore but manageable and definitely ready for the next class.  I lost 5 pounds in my first two weeks and am starting on my 2nd month of boot camp today.  He offers great incentives to bring friends and family and major discounts for signing someone you know up.  It's worth every penny :) More...


El A.

23 May 2012

Through a deal site I purchased a one month pass to The Makers Body Boot camp and I'm so pleased I did. Tyron runs a great program, so dynamic! The workouts he had us doing were comparable to the workouts I see my ultra-fit boyfriend do. TRX bands, jumping rope, sledgehammer slams, box jumps etc... C.R.A.Z.Y! The classes are a great size, and he offers a nice selection of morning times. I only wish he offered classes' everyday instead of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays as well as, more afternoon times i.e. classes between noon and 5 o'clock pm would've been nice. Parking in this area is a bit of a bitch depending on what classes you sign up for. I live in East Vancouver and thought originally this place would be too far to travel but surprisingly enough it's just a hop over the bridge (15min for me). Either way I strongly recommend trying this boot camp, it was great for me because I was looking to get back in the rhythm of working out.  That said the program he offers is pretty pricey so unless you can afford his yearly or monthly rate then find him on one of the deal sites because it's totally worth it. More...