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Christina Hinsperger

24 July 2019

Came to Ontario for vacation and found this gem of a place. Highly recommend CrossFit Durst to anyone in the Brantford area. Great atmosphere, knowledgeable coaches, and awesome programming!! Will definitely come back on my next visit! More...


Valerie Abbott

25 February 2019

Durst is not just a place where one comes and does a workout; rather, it’s a true community where people feel unconditionally supported, included, and that they belong. All of the coaches have such a passion and enthusiasm for helping individuals work toward their unique fitness and self-improvement goals. I learn new things every time I come and I feel like I’m making progress. The camaraderie among the members is so refreshing and fun. More...


Nathan Ramos

21 February 2019

I was bored of traditional strength training, was too inexperienced to attempt power lifting/ oly lifting, and feeling like I was not maximizing my potential at the gym. Durst has a great community and coaching assistance. Implementing easy, fundamental movements alongside heavy compound exercises to produce great workouts.

I am looking forward in seeing physical and strength improvements!


Matt Joniec

17 February 2019

10/10. Would lift again.


Danielle K

26 May 2018

Love this place! The facility is awesome, high ceilings, a lot of floor space and friendly environment. For someone who hasn't done crossfit before this club ("box") offers a no sweat trial which accesses your ability and gives a little one on one coaching. It's a great way to kind of see what it's all about. Also once a month or once every two months is a bring your friend free day to try out the sport. There are also boot camps offered on Sunday at 8am. All in all it offers a wide variety of activities and caters to a wide range of age groups (8-65+) More...


Marianne Kew

13 October 2017

Crossfit Durst is a big beautiful caring family Absolutely live it there!


Allyshiaa Carterr

24 September 2017

They were great. This was my first time going and I wanted to give up but they kept pushing me !!!! They were lovely !


Eric Vieira

26 May 2017

Great Spot! Visiting in from out of town and this is without a doubt my new CrossFit gym when visiting family. Definitely recommend this spot - wish it was located in Toronto - it would be my new go-to.


Samantha Fulford Stoffelsen

15 February 2017

My daughter joined yesterday and loved it. She can't wait for tomorrow class. I joined 2 weeks ago and so far I'm still showing up lol. Great place. ;)


Benedict Campbell

23 December 2016

I arrived yesterday as an 'extended drop-in' and made to feel very welcome. Lovely box and lovely people. If you are in town I would recommend this place.


Adam Sawatzky

9 December 2016

No place I'd rather be at 6:00a.m!! Such a great environment, full of positive energy and excitement!


Richard Dayman

7 December 2016

Felt right at home from the first day I walked in. Great community and friendly, knowledgeable coaches.


Nick & Julie Del Monte

26 May 2016

CrossFit Durst is great! Drew and Jacqui are fabulous coaches and the community at Durst is very inclusive and encouraging. Everybody is welcome at Durst and once you try it you will realize you are capable of much more than you ever thought! More...


Emma Hill

26 May 2016

Crossfit Durst is an incredible place to workout. It's more than just a workout, it's an experience. It's more than just a place, it's a family. I highly recommend Durst to anyone who is looking to spice up their exercise routine, and who are looking for a bit more out of their gym. Jacqui and Drew Hamer are wonderful coaches, and they know how to push all the right buttons in order to get you to succeed. People are hitting personal records daily, because at Durst, the coaches know exactly how to pull out the courage in you. More...


Leslie White

26 May 2016

I LOVE this place. One of my favourite places to be. The atmosphere is amazing and the people are even more amazing. Best decision towards my fitness and well being I've made.


Matt Roberts

26 May 2016

Best box with the best coaches! Scale-able workouts for everyone and a great range of class times to accommodate almost any schedule. Super friendly community atmosphere, just an awesome place to get in shape! More...


Sarah Syrett

26 May 2016

Loved this place from the minute I walked in! Jacqui and Drew have created a community where you feel welcomed, accepted, challenged, and encouraged to grow and be the best version of you! There is a wide variety of unique and excellent quality equipment, and they are always looking for ways to improve the experience for their members, keeping things fresh and exciting! The coaching is excellent - I have learned a lot and find their cues and progressions super helpful. Great atmosphere, great team, great experience every time I go in! More...


Karolina Moeser

26 May 2016

Motivational, challenging and so much fun. Jacqui and Drew have created a solid program which allows you to see results, feel stronger and feel better than ever before. They also maintain a constant "family" atmosphere by keeping the entire membership working together - pot lucks, new challenges and chances to spend money on great workout gear! Its been almost 3 years and I do not see an end in sight! More...


Cheryl Gregory

26 May 2016

This Crossfit box is a great place that creates motivation to be a better self in so many ways. The owners have created a culture where they themselves and the members support each other in spirit, diet and during work outs. You will be comfortable here and challenged in a great way! Check them out! "Five Stars out of Five" More...


Kristy Strawbridge-Rooney

24 April 2016

Great coaching staff and amazing community. It doesn't matter your level you will fit right in!


Laura Dawes Vu

17 November 2015

Such a family oriented place with super encouraging people with Drew and Jacqui amazing at coaching!! Nothing like a boring gym! We look forward to going every time!! More...


Jeanine Ferris

28 October 2015

Absolutely love the Crossfit Durst community. I have never felt comfortable or welcomed at a gym, until I came here. The coaches and the members are top notch! Every workout, every day is different than the day before. I love challenging myself and accomplishing goals I never thought possible! More...


Margot Davidson

5 September 2015

Very beautiful facility, friendly staff and members! Thanks for a great weekend!!


Helen Parkinson Brown

28 July 2015

Tried the crossfit lite class last night - great fun! I was really impressed by the amount of care the trainer took to check form in a group class. (I wish there was AC though lol)


Will Christensen

7 July 2015

Great atmosphere with extremely supportive members and trainers.


Dave Roussy

30 May 2015

You guys really have a great thing going. You should be extremely proud of the differences you've made in the people's lives who've committed to getting fit under your direction and guidance. I've seen firsthand how timid people are when they come into the gym, and they leave feeling confident due to the positive atmosphere you've created and the challenges they've overcome. Really enjoy every workout at Durst and all the people there. Keep up the awesome work! More...


Nathan Ramos

27 May 2015

I was bored of traditional strength training, was too inexperienced to attempt power lifting/ oly lifting, and feeling like I was not maximizing my potential at the gym. Durst has a great community and coaching assistance. Implementing easy, fundamental movements alongside heavy compound exercises to produce great workouts. More...


Mandy Gillespie

26 April 2015

I tried Crossfit Durst today for the first time with a regular member. What a great experience! The atmosphere is friendly and laid back- not your traditional gym setting, which makes it even more inviting! Workouts are challenging, and can be modified to your level, or physical needs. Everyone encourages eachother. Definetly going back even though it's an hours' drive away. Don't hesitate, just give it a try! More...


Anne Marie Cobb

26 April 2015

Awesome, fun and challenging. You will always have someone guiding and helping you through each workout.


Andrea Noon

18 April 2015

I had an amazing experience yesterday! I went in for my first class and felt at home instantly. Fantastic set up and warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable owner/trainer!


Tammy Sault

25 January 2015

This place is amazing! I never thought that I could 'go to the gym' and feel like I'm accomplishing anything. The coaching and scalability of the workouts is incredible. Give it a try! Thanks for the support Jacqui and Drew More...


Christine Court

24 January 2015

I really enjoy going to crossfit Durst. Jacqui and Drew make you feel part of the Durst crossfit family from day one. They make every workout fun and challenging. I can't get enough.


Scott Edwards

1 July 2014



Daniel Stanley

28 June 2014

Good luck guys, I think your gonna do great. The passion you both have will drive this adventure to be massively successful. Keep up the good and hard work! All the very best. More...


Drew Hamer

20 March 2014

it's coming

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