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Queenswood Heights, Canada

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Queenswood Heights, Canada



Need to lose those last 5 pounds? Want to take your training to the next level. I can get you there.

All programs are designed with you in mind; Join me on this journey and:

- Get in the best shape of your life
- Feel good about yourself again


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13 May 2019

Janet is an amazing coach!!! She gives me hard workouts in the format that I want with results that I desire. I love being pushed every single workout and seeing her messages encouraging me if I have missed a day or hit some personal bests!! ❤️


Ann McNulty

12 May 2019

Janet is an amazing coach and trainer! She designs workouts to meet your needs and goals while taking into account any physical ailments or challenges you may have. She is always available to answer any questions about workouts, health or nutrition. She is great at motivating and putting you back on track if you start falling behind, which we all need once in a while! More...

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A healthy diet is 100% contributing to your health and wellbeing. What you eat & drink fuels your body. It affects your physique, your performance, energy and other biometric markers. A healthy diet doesn't have to be complicated or restrictive. Lots of my clients have lost weight by adding calories!

I determine where the person is today (their starting point). We discuss where they want to go. And together we design a road map. Every day we make strategic changes so that today is a bit better than yesterday. It's all about progress!

Consistency with nutrition and workouts . It's the only magic pill that works. :).

And focusing on 3 performance goals. If you can do 3 unassisted pull-ups, 10 pushups from your toes and deadlift your own body weight, you'll have the body you want!

When women feel empowered! When they love training and feel good about food choices. When they're losing body fat and not feeling deprived. When they kick butt!!

I know what it's like to feel unhealthy & conversely what it's like to be super healthy: In my late 20’s, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, ate lots of trans fats, never exercised and was a workaholic. Today I'm 55 and finished in 373rd place worldwide at the 2019 Crossfit Open. I placed 35th in Canada.

I excel in a support role. I love to help women feel awesome! I build machines!

I left a 6-figure management position with SunLife Financial to pursue a job where I get to make people happy again.

Today I'm 55-year old nutrition/fitness coach. I have placed first in Ms. Figure OPA (regional), have a purple belt in karate, do Crossfit almost every day and am the nutritionist at the local cross-fit gym.

Customer service is on point. Workouts are fun. Nutrition modifications are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Making changes that are sustainable.


Nutrition Coaching includes (but is not limited too) portion management, tips and tricks to overcome limiting factors like being super busy, evening-ite-is (A.K.A. too much junk food after dinner) or weekend-ite-is, macro prescriptions, meal plans, recipes and more. Everyone is different, so together we figure out habits that are easy to fit into your lifestyle, but impactful and strategic. The result is that each person gets a different roadmap depending on their needs, goals and life styles. For local clients, I provide cooking demonstrations, kitchen makeovers and grocery shopping tours. People normally work with me for 3-6 months for nutrition coaching.

I've done Cardio classes back in the 80s, kickboxing, karate, body building and cross-fit. I've taken the best of what each modal has to offer and combined them to provide workouts that are fun and on point! My Workout Programs combine strength training with metabolic conditioning. This causes the body to burn fat while building muscle, boosting your metabolism and toning your body. So they are fun, as well as being effective. For beginners, I have a 3-month "Build Foundational Strength" program that you use before getting more intense workouts. You never need to guess what to do in the gym again! The workouts are hosted on the Trainerize platform, so they can be picked up from your phone or tablet. Every exercise has a How-to Video; You get your own personalized workout schedule; And if you have questions, you can send me a direct message - I'm right there in the app! You can track both your progress in the gym and changes in your body composition. Of course I can see your calendar: When you've trained, when you haven't. What you've eaten and more. It's like having me there for accountability, just for a better price :) I guarantee my services. If you're not happy after a month of working with me, I'll refund your hard earned money, no questions asked.