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Cleaning Ventures mission is to provide a total cleaning solution in
Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Construction Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning segments with our slogan of cleaning simplified.




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Three years of excellent services provided
Our Vision

Cleaning Ventures specializes in a diverse portfolio of services, offering a wide range of professional skills to ensure our clients’ strategic objectives are met.
Throughout our service offerings, we focus on quality, convenience and
customer service.
We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients. Our
core objective is to become a long-term resource and partner for each
client while providing effective cleaning solutions for their unique business needs.

We have our very own machines which are all as follows:

Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum – the machine is meant for wet & dry cleaning of floors and walls, suitable for commercial applications ie: Hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops and offices.
Spray Extension Cleaner – the machine is for all deep cleaning, suitable for deep cleaning and washing of carpets.
Steam Vacuum Cleaner – the machine is designed for generating steam and vacuum cleaning spilled liquids and solid substances. Tested as certified – HACCP Standards, suitable for ie: Commercial & Residential use
Scrubber Dryer- only to be used for cleaning of really hard surfaces that are not sensitive to moisture and polishing operations. Suitable for all hard surfaces, scrubbing and cleaning.
High Pressure Machine – this machine is suitable for the cleaning of ie: Vehicles, Structures, tools, Gardening hardware/tools and terraces
Sweeper – this machine is designed to sweep dirt and debris from indoor as well as outdoor services.

We love satisfying and offering our clients a clean, professional cleaning solution

We have a passion for cleaning
Creating healthy environments and healthy living spaces
We passionate about empowering our staff to care about Hygiene


We value each customers need and desire to have an eco friendly surrounding in their homes and offices – indoor and outdoor.

With staffing solution support which plays a key role to our success as they give optimum performance in their job and interaction with the customers.


Commercial Corporate Offices Airports Hotels Shopping Malls Hospitals Educational Institutions Warehouses

Construction Cleaning New Building cleaning Real Estate Property Cleaning Surface cleaning, parking & Building premises Washing of wall Vacuum Cleaning Marble & Tiles or Floor Cleaning Window cleaning

Your Health And An Un-cleaned Mattress These factors can all have a negative impact on your health; they can make you and your family ill. Being allergic to the dust mite and the poo that they leave in your bed is not nice; the bed you are sleeping in is making you worse. All this can lead to asthma, eczema, headaches and sneezing and they all can improve by improving the cleanliness of your mattress.

When it comes to proper Deep Carpet Cleaning & Oriental rug cleaning, we guarantee our work so that your rug looks as new as possible while being cleaned of the dust, dirt and debris that has dulled its appearance. Green Cleaning Solutions product supply – In addition to how we clean your rugs, the solutions that we use are environmentally safe and effective. We use natural cleaning products that do not leave behind any residue that can harm the rug or the occupants of your home or office.