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Software Development services in modern technologies .NET, Angular, React, GraphQL, Website development. Business Profile website to complex database driven web applications.


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Intuitive design and display friendly. I have see many websites designed for desktop browsers. Fact is most of us use our portable devices and not always the websites are designed taking mobile devices into account. Websites should generally be easy to navigate and not overwhelm the user with pages for menu system. And I always try to reduce the number of clicks a user has to take before accomplishing their task.

Scope of the project (business profile website, data tracking or online payments etc)
Target Audience
Depending on the website understand the nature of business and establish most important parts of the website and make them easy accessible.
If required technologies the client might want use.

Development, designing new solutions that translate to actual cost saving and enhance sales.

For as long as I remember, I have loved software and computers in general. When I was 16 I knew I wanted to be in this field. Its been over 25 years now I have been involved in creating software for large insurance companies and banks. The technology changes so quickly in this field, every couple of years I feel like software industry just got more interesting.

Track record and I deliver. I can engage and demonstrate client exactly what is involved in creating their system or website to the each technical detail.