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Abdul Zubair

9 April 2018

Personal local services that you just don't see anymore.


HiWay Mobile Services Ltd.

13 September 2016

Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. was referred to us by a long time friend. He followed up with us on the phone and came into our shop in person. After an extensive conversation about our business needs, what they can do for use we hand shook and agreed to working together. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. was very professional, treated all our staff with respect and was very easy to work with. After our meeting Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. wrote up our meeting notes in short bullet points so that there was a recap of our conversation. Work began right away with Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. coming down and taking photos of our staff doing oil changes and also going to two different trips to on location photograhy at our clients places. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. was professional when they came to our clients places and also took over 700 photos.

The photos were of high quality, show many action shots, creative angles and nothing was missed. We asked for certain photos to be taken which Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. was glad to do for us.

Our google maps was setup. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. came to our shop a second time to give us the photos and train our office staff on how to update the google map listing.

Not only did Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. help train us on how to update the google map but they also helped setup our gmail account in our Outlook program, trained us on how to post and work with google plus, train us on how to work with youtube, helped us with photo editing and guided us with filling in more information.

The whole experience was none rushed and Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. asked if there was any more questions or if there is anything else that they could do for us before they left.


Carmine Esposito

8 June 2016

Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. has helped me make my website for my business. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. came into my office, designed the website right in front of me. This was great since I was able to give my feedback right their on the spot to make the website exactly the way I wanted it. The personal service I received was amazing. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. came in with their laptop and worked right in front of me. Fuzi.ca Creative consulted with me, listened to me about my business, really cared about giving honest advice and was very experienced. We looked at my competing websites, came up with colors and put together all the text for the website right their on the spot. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. also did photography of my building and the surrounding community. These photos were then put on the website which added a personal touch to the website. When people go on my website it is easy to navigate, has all my branding, colors, logo and text on it. The photos that Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. took of the community creates warmth as well and really helps to tell a story to the customers. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. also helped me with setting my business up on multiple social media platforms. They went the extra mile and copied all my content from my website and put it on the social media places which took a lot of work. I would recommend Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. to my friends and family. More...


Tomas Petereith

17 April 2016

Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. has helped me with online marketing, business consulting, moving my website to a new server, rebuilding my website, fixing all the broken links and mistakes from my last website designer. Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. has restructured my website so that it has much better SEO. The website has been optimized so that visitors convert to leads. Fuzi.ca Creative helped me with my videos on youtube and also came in 3 times and did photography on 2 of my moves and 1 cleaning job so that I will have great photos for my website and future marketing materials. I have recently signed up for a social media package and I am very excited to see the results of Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. will bring my company. I would highly recommend Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. to anyone. I have already referred Fuzi.ca Creative Inc. to a long time friend. More...


Everyday Superfoods

17 November 2015

In response to an ad we recently posted seeking assistance with graphics editing, John was the only respondent who took the time to actually call and introduce himself and his services. Though it was just a small job this time round, John welcomed us to submit the job specifics and files and promptly quoted with a price we felt was very fair. He explained exactly what we would do (in writing), how he would accomplish it, and when he would complete it. John completed the required edits flawlessly--on time and on budget, print-ready. While we have usually done most of our ad and brochure designs ourselves, going forward I will certainly look to John as our outsourced 'graphics department'! I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future!
Gordon World
Co-founder & Director
Everyday Superfoods Inc.

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