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Megan Petrie

The person working was unhelpful also found him very pushy. Unpleasant experience .


Alicia Jean

Was so happy with our experience renting from black and white for our wedding this summer. They were professional, delivered and picked up when they said they would and the quality of everything we rented was great!


David Matthewman

I had an aerial photography company a year ago and they hired me to do done aerial photography/filming. Probably spent 20 hours at least between flying and editing but never got paid. Tried to contact owner through emails and phone messages over a years time. Got through to him once and he assured me they would pay right away. Never saw a payment and never was able to contact again. The person that put me in touch with them originally was very happy with the product I did do that wasn’t reason not to pay. More...


Heather Godbout

Were pretty good, up until my wedding venue cancelled on me 6 months before my wedding and I need to cancel all my rentals and my wedding. I had paid a 2000$ deposit that was non refundable after December, I emailed January 30th to cancel my order and didnt get a response for weeks. When I finally did hear back I was told Dave would contact me. I still to this day have no confirmation my order is cancelled and wasnt offered any of my deposit back even though it was 6months ahead and our venue cancelled our reservation which was completely out of our control. Will never ever use them or refer them to others. I have emailed several times, 2 seperate individuals and the general information email address and had no response. Brutal customer service! If your not going to refund any of my deposit, which is a lot of money, fine but at least respond to emails and confirm cancellations. More...

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