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Bikram Yoga Limerick



Bikram Yoga Limerick



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Hobo Writer

15 September 2019

60 minute Express class was grand. Much needed break after two full classes this trip (Galway & Dublin). Great studio, great city.


Karen Burke

7 June 2019

I attended bikram yoga classes led by Laura and she was an excellent instructor. I would definitely recommend her to any yogi mummy to be ☺


Aimeemarie Lynch

28 September 2018

bikram yoga, loved it!!


Laura Weidenbacher

28 July 2017

Wonderful studio! I was lucky enough to make a few classes during my vacation. Laura teaches a great class and even for someone who practices nearly every day, I picked up a few new tips. The hot room is spacious and the locker rooms are clean. I will certainly be back next time I'm in Limerick. Highly recommend for all levels! More...


Padraig O Laocha

10 March 2017

Love the new 60 minutes class wish there were more.


Маруся Фокс

19 February 2017

Proud to be back...


Rafika Lazzari

12 January 2017

Amazing love it. I always feel 100per cent better than when I walked in � been 5 times and am already improving massively


Nicole Curtis

5 January 2017

Love it laura is an amazing teacher :-) and I've a heart condition and found massive improvement in my breathing so did my doctors :-)


Marion Fitzgerald

29 November 2016

Expert friendly tuition !! Great location felt energised afterwards will definitley be back


Chrissy Barratt-Atkin

27 October 2016

Can I just say I'm really enjoying the classes yes it's hot but the feeling I get after class is very energising so I'm sticking at it x the instructors are wonderful


Irène Hunold

26 May 2016

(Translated by Google) I'm on my way to visit all Bikram Yoga studios in Europe and to write about it in my blog hotyogablog dot net. Until now, there were more than 150 studios. In Limerick I was yesterday. I wrote: "Happy is he who knows where the Bikram Yoga Studio Limerick can be found We are looking for hours Especially irritated that the same studio is located twice at different locations on the Internet Opened four years ago by Cora Ryan Studio... is located in a large industrial and commercial park in the so-called Sports Dome east of Limerick Various sports can be practiced here Bikram Yoga is practiced on the 1st floor -.. in a large room with red carpet - as almost everywhere in Ireland with a big. window with the studio logo. the showers and changing rooms are basic but functional, the reception room bright and friendly. Laura taught us 7 women and 3 men that Wednesday morning in her calm, flowing style. She has a good time management and make it mitzugeben to the instructions also the effect of the exercises. "You might hate this posture," she says about the Half Locust, "but your body will love it."(Original)Ich bin unterwegs, alle Bikramyoga-Studios in Europa zu besuchen und darüber in meinem Blog hotyogablog dot net zu schreiben. Bis jetzt waren es über 150 Studios. In Limerick war ich vorgestern. Ich schrieb darüber: "Glücklich, wer weiss, wo das Bikramyoga-Studio Limerick zu finden ist. Wir suchen es stundenlang. Vor allem irritiert, dass im Internet dasselbe Studio zweimal an verschiedenen Standorten eingezeichnet ist. Das von Cora Ryan vor vier Jahren eröffnete Studio befindet sich in einem grossen Industrie- und Gewerbepark im sogenannten Sports Dome östlich von Limerick. Verschiedenste Sportarten können hier praktiziert werden. Bikram Yoga wird im 1. Stock ausgeübt – in einem grossen Raum mit rotem Teppich – wie fast überall in Irland. Mit einem grossen Fenster mit dem Studio-Logo. Die Duschen und Garderoben sind einfach, aber funktionell, der Empfangsraum hell und freundlich.Laura unterrichtet uns 7 Frauen und 3 Männer an diesem Mittwochmorgen in ihrer ruhigen, fliessenden Art. Sie hat ein gutes Zeitmanagement und schafft es, zu den Anweisungen auch noch die Wirkungsweise der Übungen mitzugeben. „You might hate this posture“, sagt sie über die Halbe Heuschrecke, „but your body will love it.“ More...


Irène Hunold Straub

29 April 2016

I am on my way to visit all Bikram yoga studios in Europe and write about them in my blog hotyogablog dot net. So far I visited over 150 studios. About Limerick I wrote: "Lucky who knows where to find the Bikram yoga Limerick. My husband and I were looking for it for quite some time. The problem is that there are two entries in the internet at different places. Once found, I was happy. Cora Ryan opened it 4 years ago in a business zone in the East of Limerick. It’s located in the so called Sports Dome, a building where different kinds of sports are offered. Bikram Yoga is taught on the first level, in a huge room. The floor is covered with a red carpet – like in the most studios Ireland’s. The changing rooms and showers are simple yet sufficient and functional. The reception area is bright and friendly. Laura is teaching this Wednesday morning class in a quiet manner and in a great continuity. We are 7 women and 3 men. The teacher manages to instructor us yogis wihtin 90 minutes not only a perfect dialogue but also to tell us about the benefits of the different postures. „You might hate this posture“, she says about the Half Locust pose, „but your body will love it.“ More...


Lisa Cohalan

10 April 2016

Always feel great after a session of Bikram yoga, conveniently located, free parking.


Fiun Lam

13 January 2016

Beautiful space with beautiful people. Love and miss the energy of the amazing Students and friends.


Noel Mulcair

2 June 2015

Excellent results all round..a lifer for sure #bikramlimerick #torturechamber


Catriona Condon

10 October 2014

I've been going to Bikram in Limerick for about 3 weeks, I'm really enjoying it. The instructors are really approachable and helpful and I'm already feeling the benefits. I would highly recommend it!!

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