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Angela Sandi

25 January 2019

(Translated by Google) The best the Sunderland

El mejor the Sunderland


Jeff Milne

26 December 2018

The best pulled pork and bbq ribs i've ever had!


Nolly Polly

26 December 2018

First, I should say that I love BBQ. REAL BBQ, that is. Meat that is slowly and carefully cooked over glowing coals of wood. Unfortunately, I haven't found a place around here that is up to my standards. The sauce is either sickenigly sweet- and far too much- or they overmarinate the meat, which results in the total loss of flavour. If I wanted good BBQ, I had to do it myself.That is, until I found this gem! About 7km off hwy 48, it's a small storefront on Lake Ridge Road, with decent-sized open kitchen. There is ample parking and a picnic area, with comfortable Muskoka chairs and benches shaded by large trees.The offerings range from the requisite pork ribs and brisket, to pulled chicken and, a hotdog so large, I thought it was sausage at first glance. Did I mention generous portions?I decided on brisket, fries, and coleslaw. The fries were surprisingly good; not what I expected from a place where they are not the focus of the menu. Crisp but tender inside and very flavourful. The slaw was great as well. The usual cabbage and carrots, with the addition of apple and tart raisins*, mixed with just enough mayo to bring it all together. Now, the brisket... wow. A large sized, butter-soft bun, filled with a generous portion of tender beef mixed with one of the best sauces I've had in a long time. Just the right balance of tart and sweet and only enough to complement the beef Again, the theme here seems to be that the main ingredient is never overpowered by the others.I only wish there was more than one location so I could visit more often. Fortunately, my mother lives within a 10 minute drive, so I will be back sooner than later. (Expect more visits mom! Lol)*If, like me, you aren't a fan of raisins, I should note that there aren't many. Also, these are not the gooey, overly sweet sultanas that are in things like cheap baked goods. They are more like currants- chewy and tart. A surprisingly pleasant addition for even this raisin hater! More...


Leon Kogut

27 October 2018

Amazing ribs.


Jacqueline B

27 October 2018

Excellent pulled pork and beans! I happened to meet the owner the day before their last roadside night and he invited me- I wish I had heard of the place sooner, I would have frequented it! Can't wait for them to reopen in the Spring (or attend an event they'll be catering!). More...


Bill Tripp

28 August 2018

Food to die for. Amazing experience. Would use anytime no second choices.


Carl Anso

28 August 2018

Awesome food, great service, very clean. Highly recommend. Will become a stop on the way to the cottage.


Holly T

28 August 2018

Delicious! Ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken.... All of it!


Jaimeson Birks

25 May 2018

Pulled Chicken on a bun and BBQ Bristket were very good. We will for sure stop again. (Note: cash only)