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Backstage Industries

Pretoria, South Africa

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Backstage Industries

Pretoria, South Africa


Welcome to Backstage Industries (Pty) Ltd

What we offer is simple but how we execute it is what makes us unique. We provide entertainment by not just selling a ticket to a music concert, but selling an experience of a lifetime. The key behind every production, music concert or festival organization is passion and for anyone to be part of this organisation, passion is a requirement.



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To provide what the client needs without them even asking for it. The most important thing about making sure the client is happy is to listen to the client, understand their needs and to apply the service hassle free because there is nothing as irritating as an entertainer that's not in-line with the client's needs.

We don't stick to a certain "formula" because every client has different needs and every product we offer has personal touch from our side and the client's side.

Passion, excellence and nobility.

Without passion, the product won't be good and without nobility, none of the above matters.

To get to know different types of people and to provide what they want. Making people happy and feel good about themselves would be the most rewarding aspect of this business!

I was/am also a musician and I was tired of just sitting and waiting for gigs so I started my own company because 1) I love business 2) To employ and 3) To prove that any person can bring change no matter where you come from.

I would rather provide the client with an excellent product of service than to make profit out of the deal. Profit is important yes, but it is not the foundation of this business. Keeping my entertainers and the client happy, is my number one priority!