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Susie Erjavec Parker

Loved their Pushups to Pin-ups program and still going. Real, educated trainers who know what they're doing and most importantly--love what they're doing. Highly recommend!


Leslie Sanders

I have been attending Aspire Fitness for nine years. When I started I was overweight and definitely not fit. Now at age 65 I feel strong and healthy. I have energy that I lacked years ago! Leslie Sanders More...


Maggie Wallin

Awesome staff and members. A fun, supportive place where you actually enjoy the brutal workouts. Highly recommend.


Anita King

Such a fantastic group of trainers! They know what they are doing and are so helpful and kind! I felt at home right away at Aspire. Push ups 2 pin ups was a truly amazing experience and I would do it again in a heart beat!! ❤️ More...


Susan Todres

Why Aprire? Everyone has different reasons for working out . Whether it be for body transformation , health , change of gym ... This is one of the friendliest facilities I have been to by far . A community based atmosphere which welocomes all. Trainers challenge you and provide variety . Knowledgeable in their craft which enables you to work with them to fulfill your fitness goals . More...


Alison Leonzio

I reluctantly found my way into the Aspire gym about 5 months ago. I was scared and considered myself to be "not a gym person". They changed my mind in the best way possible, I am definitely a gym person. I couldn't ask for better trainers or a better facility to help you fall in love with the process and the results! More...


Carlee Rae

Push Ups 2 Pin Ups was by far the most challenging but most rewarding experience i have ever done. The team at Aspire Fitness was amazing and from day one they made me realize that what i thought was never possible was right in front of me the whole time. Over the last 12 weeks my limits were pushed and on days when I did not want to step foot in the gym I was happy I did as i became stronger and happier every workout i completed. With a combination of custom fit and P2P i have lost over 40lbs and I feel great! I couldn't have done it without the great team and programs Aspire Fitness has to offer. Jason, Jeff and Erica I just want to say THANK YOU for pushing me everyday, I couldn't have done it with out you guys More...


Gayle Proceviat

I'm grateful to not only the staff at Aspire Fitness but to all the people that workout in the gym. There are many times when I could barely make it through a work out and someone would say, come on you can do it! And I did. Going to Aspire is about the people that workout there. It's like a family. A very large family. The results you get from your workouts is just a bonus. I thank you Jason Penner, and your staff. I especially thank all the people that have been by my side through thoughs grueling fight gone bads. Lol


Fiona Odlum

What makes Aspire different from all the other gyms out there? The people!
Working out in a positive, inclusive environment is so incredibly rare in the fitness world where everyone is "super busy" and wearing headphones to zone out! Not at Aspire, everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable and motivating! It didn't take me long for me to feel right at home at this gym which has a result has kept me motivated to stay on track, helped me shed many unwanted lb's and I made a bunch of new friends along the way! More...


Jen Karton

Aspire Fitness not only pushed me out of my workout comfort zone, they simultaneously put me in a new one! I finally know what it's like to feel GOOD in my skin. I have never felt stronger, healthier, or have been more active than I am now and I couldn't be happier - all thanks to Jason and crew believing in me (when I certainly didn't) and giving me the tools to succeed. Now I have what I call my 'Gym Fam' - a whole facility filled with uplifting and supporting people - it's so hard not to leave there without a smile or a sense of empowerment. #Grrr! More...


Jennifer Elliott Davidson

Completing the PushUps To PinUos program was best experience! Aspire is like no fitness facility I've ever been to, which is why it kept me wanting to come back & succeed. Before long you feel like you are a part of the Aspire Famiky. Jason, Jeff & Erica want you to be the best you can be & know when to give you that push you need. The workouts are challenging but so rewarding when you complete them! I have transformed my body & I love the new empowered & strong person I have become! Highly recommend this facility! More...


Gail Auriti

I was reluctant to join as I usually hate working out. I was committed to this program and found I really enjoyed going to Aspire to work out. Jeff and Jason make the work outs fun and challenging at the same time. I definitely got stronger and the results were amazing!!!!! Push ups to Pin Ups is a fantastic program and the people and staff at Aspire Fitness are alll inspirational. My only regret is that with my new job it makes it difficult for me to get there, however I do try to get exercise closer to work....not the same as what I got from Aspire. I plan to get back to Aspire whenever my schedule allows it. Thanks Jason & Jeff you guys are the best! More...


Rhonda Turner

Love this place! I hate gyms, but this is not your typical gym! They make you feel so welcome and help you so much with everything and all the equipment! My Push up to Pin up experience was exactly what I expected, hard! But worth it!! More...


Kim Minsky

I have done the entire newest exercise craze! DVD series, fitness classes, Cross-fit & more with OK success. Therefore I came in with the attitude of “Ok let’s see IF this program can deliver.” Well it DID deliver in a BIG way. I dropped sizes. I gain more strength and muscle definition. I found my abs & confidence again. Mostly important I finally felt like I fit in at a gym. The variety of the workouts keeps challenging your body. After finishing 12 wks with the P2P program at the end of October 2014, I decided to go for round two - Jan 2015! I highly recommend Aspire Fitness – The trainers will re-inspire, re-energize and re-engage you to live life with passion and excitement. More...


Marcia Bergen

Working out at Aspire Fitness was as a referral from a friend. Walking through the doors I had no idea what to expect and had it in my mind that it must be like every other fitness facility. The truth is that it is nothing like any other fitness facility I have tried. The workouts are challenging but nothing worth having comes without hard work. The staff are excellent - well trained and proficient in answering your fitness questions. The clientele are second to none. When you belong to Aspire - you become part of a family! Try it - you will never regret it! More...


Kristen Ashley

When I used to think of going to the gym, I always associated it with punishment. Like it was a job or something I "had" to do. Aspire really changed my thought process not only on going to the gym, but also on fitness in general. I enjoy every minute of my workout, from the second I walk in the door to the time my legs are shacking after a leg workout while I try to drive my stick shift home. You really see results with this facility. The customized workouts are made with your specific goals in mind. Whether it's to train for a marathon, or to just get fit, they really know how to get you there at Aspire, and you really enjoy their process which means you actually go!! There is laughing, sweating, tears of joy and pain, but most of all there is a real connection and friendship with everyone at Aspire Fitness. More...


Leanne Cater

I can't say enough about the supportive environment that IS Aspire Fitness. My results are impressive, to say the least, but this isn't just "any ol' gym" it's a fitness family from the top, to my fellow members. I decided to take control and reached out to Jason at Aspire Fitness for help turning my resolve into results. The Aspire team has help me pull all of the pieces together that I couldn't do alone. They helped me find success, and regain health, by overcoming what I thought I couldn't do and, now, I couldn't be more grateful! More...


Barb Barrow-Davidson

I hate gyms. I have never felt more accepted and comfortable. I have re-found my passion for being fit. It’s not just Jay, Jeff and Erica...it’s also the clientele that makes your feel comfortable and accepted. I actually enjoy working out again for the first time in 20 years.

Thank you!


Jennifer Piche

Hearing the success stories from friends of mine made me want to check out what Aspire was all about. I joined them in January 2016 and have been doing the Custom Fit program twice a week and only regret was not having gone sooner. Can't say enough good things about Jason Jeff and Erica who continuously push me and have changed my mindset of "I can't do that" to "why not give it a go". I have met great people along the way I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to know in a typical gym environment which is a fantastic bonus! Best decision I ever made was joining Aspire Fitness. ❤️ the people, environment and of course the results!!! More...


Mike Parker

I went through the G2G program starting in September 2016, it was easily the most physically demanding thing I've ever done, but the results were amazing and I felt fantastic! Jay, Jeff and Erica pulled me along, never waivering in their belief that I could do it, and they were right. I'm day 2 into my second G2G, it's even tougher than I remember (the first two weeks are the hardest), but I know the Aspire crew have my back and I will guide me to success once again. Give it a try, you're body and mind are so much stronger than you might think!💪🏻 More...

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