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Ancaster, ON, Canada

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Ancaster, ON, Canada


Hi, My name is Yohai and I am a full-stack software engineer for both web and mobile development, design and online strategy as a part of a wider array of services I am capable of providing.

I've started my online career when I managed a sales team and was focused mainly on marketing since then I focused more and more into the technical aspect of things while keeping the bigger scope of business needs and marketing requirements addressed and in clear view.



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Your website is the first digital impression from your company and you want to make sure it’s a great one. It should reflect everything you want potential customers to know and remember about your business. To marketers and other business owners who have been around for a while, this is nothing new. Successful businesses are always trying to improve the quality of their websites to meet the needs of their visitors. People are visiting your website because they want to learn something. You want to ensure that they are finding what they are looking for quickly and with ease. You may have the most amazing business model and offer extraordinary customer service, but with a poorly functioning website, you could miss out on a significant amount of business and ultimately make a bad impression.

What are we actually delivering?
What are we NOT delivering?
What is the deadline?
What is our benchmark for success?
Who is the target audience and client?
Who will lead the project and be the point of contact?
Who will be taking on the project once it is completed and delivered?
Who is the audience that will be working with the delivered project?
Has this ever been done before?
What might be possible pitfalls that we need to avoid?
What is the budget for the project?

Preparation - During the preparation step of the creative process model, an individual becomes curious after encountering a problem. Examples of problems can include an artistic challenge or an assignment to write a paper. During this stage, she may perform research, creates goals, organizes thoughts and brainstorm as different ideas formulate. For example, a marketing professional may prepare for a marketing campaign by conducting market research and formulating different advertisement ideas.

Incubation - While the individual begins to process her ideas, he begins to synthesize them using his imagination and begins to construct a creation. Gabora states that during this step, the individual does not actively try a find a solution, but continues to mull over the idea in the back of his head.

Illumination - As ideas begin to mature, the individual has an epiphany regarding how to piece her thoughts together in a manner that makes sense. The moment of illumination can happen unexpectedly. For example, an individual with the task of putting together an office party may have an idea for a theme while driving home from work.

Evaluation - After a solution reveals itself in an epiphany, the individual then evaluates whether the insight is worth the pursuit. He may make changes to his solution so it is clearer. He may consult with peers or supervisors regarding his insights during this step before pursuing it further. If he works with clients, he may seek a client’s input and approval before moving on to the next step.

Implementation - The implementation of an idea or solution in the creative process model is when an individual begins the process of transforming her thoughts into a final product. For example, during this step, a painter may begin outlining shapes on a canvas with charcoal before applying oil paints to the medium. According to Gabora, an individual may begin this step more than once in order to reach the desired outcome.

This varies depending on the type of project and the scope of my work within that, sometimes I would require the content that would go into the project, other times I would require the graphical elements if I am not the one to make those.

Learning something new pretty much every day.
Being challenged every day whether that be a simple bug fix, to something big like a new project.
Being able to see technology make life easier.
Taking part in a fast moving industry that never ceases to amaze you.
The opportunity to be creative with your own ideas.
With the right dedication and consistency, you can learn yourself to be a pro at this type of work.
There is always room to learn more.
Technology is the future, and it will be here for a long, long time.
Seeing the look on clients face when they get their software/website or another technical resource!
Being able to help others in their business and their ventures
Being able to create something unique for others that would benefit them on a personal and professional manner.

When I was employed in other media companies, I noticed how the focus shifted most of the times from the benefit of the client to the benefit of the media company. I did not like that approach and wanted to deliver better service at a more competitive price, I also wanted to achieve personal freedom of choice as to the extent of what I am willing to be taking on.

I stand behind projects such as Tim Horton's Nutritional Calculator, Sleep County (and Dormez Vous) campaigns, Voortman Cookies online presence, Shipway Stairs, Benchmark Corp, and many other projects.
As overhead is smaller than a staffed up marketing agency, the price is adjusted to fit the client and provide the solution and the staff required for each project.
In essense, this means a client gets the same quality and product, for less of a cost as the client pays only for the staff required for the project at hand.