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Rick Dupuis

2 August 2019

My wife and I found them at the Merivale Farmers Market last Saturday and ordered 2 egg rolls, cause not all egg rolls are created equal. Well, I got to tell you, these egg rolls were the BEST I have ever tasted. Even beats the ones on Carling Ave, can’t think of the name right now. Anyway hands down the best and if the egg rolls are this good I can’t wait to try the rest of the food. My hat is off to these guys. Keep the yummy food coming PLEASE. More...


Gina Cowin

16 July 2019

Good food, good prices and good people


Jeffrey Pelletier

18 June 2019

Very yummy!! Nice people!


Richard Proulx

16 June 2019

Best of open-ended giant egg roll. My old favorite is red curry chicken, I ask less rice, more veggies. New fav is fried beef, 5/5! The 3 meat skewers also fan favorite. the physical address also have more menu items like Shanghai noodles. General tao a bit tangy if you like that, but might lack veggies (maybe order some on the side). I'm very picky about my Pad Thai it's pretty good but hey, try a new item when you go, worth trying them all! don't forget the egg roll! More...


Roxanne Collinet

13 June 2019

Finally had a chance to try this place. I was definitely not disappointed! Amazing food and the staff was awesome! Keep up the good work :)


Roger Reno

3 June 2019

5 Stars


Drew K.

2 May 2019

Ordered from Uber Eats. Man this place is Great. 2nd time I ordered and it was very very good. Great portions and very very flavourful. We ordered some skewers with the slaw and riceCrispy beef (extra veg)General Tso Chicken (extra veg)Gluten free panang with tofu and chickenEverything was excellent, especially considering it was delivery. Not sure why such lousy reviews. This place is legit. More...


Matt Hobbs

26 August 2018

Great food, good quantities and delicious. Be aware that they can be very busy during the lunch and plan ahead if you have a time limited lunch.


Alexandre Radburn

16 July 2018

Dragon bowl with the lamb is insanely good. Tried it twice and both times the food is fantastic. Great food ! :) Wish it was cheaper but oh well it's Ottawa...


Xavier Demers-Bouchard

5 July 2018

Great service but be ready to wait a few minutes at lunch on a nice day...enjoy the sun! The wait is worth it. Been going for months and the lamb skewers are worth going and going again on their own. A must try.

Only trick to know is to be sure you wait at the window closer to the front of the truck to order, otherwise you may find yourself waiting with people waiting for their meals...



23 April 2017

A wonderful little spot to have some excellent food, served by a friendly and attentive staff. It doesn't hurt that they have the best egg rolls in town. Their pad thai is superb. I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the menu. And they have delivery - sweet! More...


Azorius T.

14 January 2017

Really nice  place  must try there excellent food. The pork belly sliders  are so great  the price us also pretty good.


Jamie Urie

3 December 2016

Finally some great delivery in riverside south! Eat in is fantastic as well. Pork belly sliders are awesome, skewars and rice bowls are top shelf all fresh ingredients with great portion value. Going back for more.