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Alison Stark, Physiotherapist



Alison Stark, Physiotherapist



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Chris Seabrook

16 August 2019

Started to train with Nick and I have found him very knowledgeable. He takes his time to ensure I understand what he is showing me. I feel like he is focused on my success. More...


Monica Cecilia

20 June 2019

My daughter and I attended NHRC for physio , staff is friendly, professional and easy to talk to. My daughter felt very comfortable asking questions in how to continue her therapy as we are from out of town. Would highly recommend it.


Carol Lukasik

10 May 2019

NHRC Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy services have significantly helped me managed through muscular skeletal injuries and a cervical spine injury so that I can comfortably manage my daily family life, my office related employment, and continue to enjoy exercising and outdoor recreational activities! These wonderful staff are professional, compassionate and very caring, and the facility offers new equipment with a safe clean environment. The reception staff are friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend NHRC to others. More...


Roxanne Daoust

1 May 2019

i have had both massages and physio. Great staff, great facility! I have also attended fundraisers. NHRC has a professional and very friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend NHRC!


Karen Mary

10 April 2019

Professional staff with friendly atmosphere. Best massage I've ever had is with Kelly Quinn and Allison Starks knowledge and care as a physiotherapist is second to none! Thanks Team NHRC!


Diane Martin

6 April 2019

I highly recommend Geoff and his staff. They are very knowledgeable and I find they are very efficient so you don’t have to keep going back.


Dustin Le Blanc

28 February 2019

Great place for rehab and health.Wonderful staff and clean invironment .My back pain is gone and I am back working out.I now make visiting NHRC and monthly visit to maintain my health.


Sam Blakeley

31 January 2019

I would definitely recommend NHRC. Paul and Geoff have great attention to detail and I always come away armed with knowledge to help with my own rehab.


Dan Giancola

27 April 2018

The best period!!!! I've had many injuries over my years playing professional football and Geoff is the best around!!!


Laurie Aiello

2 August 2017

A great place to go for all of your therapy and fitness needs. I have been training there for over a year now and reaching my fitness goals. They have supported me through some of the darkest days in my life... don't know what I would do without them. Have referred my family and friends. More...


Clayton James

15 June 2017

New to niagara health and rehab centre. Been nothing but positive progression with my back. Would highly recommend them.


Greg Hoggan

30 May 2017

This place is amazing. I've been going here since it opened and I always feel like I'm at home. A very forward thinking establishment; I've been there for physiotherapy, chiropractic correction, and physical torture which of course ended up simply being a great workout in one of the fantastic and 'to the limit ' classes. I bring my family and my friends. I think everybody needs a little NHRC in their world. More...


Alex Kazam

26 October 2016

I have learned so much from the staff at NHRC, particularly Geoff, Asim and Paul. I am ever grateful for all the rehab and prehab. I moved into the GTA and still carry the intelligence and wisdom from my many hours spent at the clinic. Asim gave me a plan that is helping me gain power, explosiveness, strength and flexibility. It is amazing how much I can do the various phases in different parts of the year and continue to see results. Geoff has helped me understand how to better my body and address idiosynchracies that were preventing me from breaking through into new realms of motion. I love being functionally strong and able to not only withstand but grow from the high-impact and slightly mental displays of ridiculousness that I enjoy doing. Thank you all so much for being so great and building a stronger Niagara, Yours in this journey to everyday growing stronger, -Alex Kazam More...


Meg Mckee

1 May 2016

The staff at NHRC are fabulous! They are professional, educated, and talented. They offer a wide variety of programs for everyone.


Christina Loomis

6 February 2015

Amazingly talented team of professionals!


Josh Green

29 December 2014

Just finished my first ever acupuncture appointment with Dr. Geoff "Magic Hands" Gamble. I had irritated an area in my neck during a workout. Should be able to get back to Muscle Ups and Backflip Burpees in no time. Thanks NHRC for continueing to help myself, my family and my clients. Always highly recommended! More...


Shannon Thorne- Moore

29 April 2013

Try TRX it's a fantastic workout!


Diane Agius De Andrade

17 December 2012

best place to go for all your aches and pains great staff been going there since day 1