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Essentials Holistic Centre

3 December 2018

I've done a number of courses with Alison and also received lots of treatments from her. Really enjoyed her courses she's a fabulous teacher.


Natasha Griffin

3 October 2018

I just saw this lady on the repeat of Elaine chat show.I found her so interesting, I look forward to finding out more about her, she speaks my language


Karen Donaghey

17 September 2017

Had wonderful and hugely effective reiki with Alison. Amazing - felt the effect from the moment I left the treatment room Thanks Alison x


Tara King

31 August 2015

I had been feeling very blocked. Went to Alison and had a fantastic past life regression and healing. Looking forward to going back. Highly recommend her :-)


Anne O'Neill

18 June 2015

Alison is a very gifted healer and an exceptional teacher. I have done several courses with her and have learnt something new every time.


Jenny Sheridan

22 July 2013

I did Reiki 1,2 & 3 with Alison some years ago. I found her classes great, very informative and lots of fun. I felt very confident in my practise as she does so much supervised practical work. I have been recommending her to anyone interested in Reiki ever since More...

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