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Devya Fluckiger

Josh is an unbelievable motivator for those looking for inspiration to strive for any personal goals! :)


Will Kelly

Josh and I trained together at his old Gym world Heath, I trained with him for 20 weeks and gained 18 pounds of muscle. Highly recommend him if you are looking for a life changing goal!


Kory Welling

Wow and stunned!
I had a 37 degree rotational Scoliosis on my 3rd vertebrae.
I wore a large metal clamp chest that restricted me from participating in sports brace through grades 8 and 9.
I been seeing Chiropractors for 11 years close to monthly.
After seeing 11 doctors and 3 specialists (who insisted on surgery) trying different stretches, gym work outs to keep my core strong and year after year working of my hip imbalance with specialists Josh Dech found me.

Josh has been working with me for one year, ONE YEAR with no specials and minimal Chiro.
My spine (thank the gods!) has thankfully been corrected by 15 degrees. For the first time in my life I am looking at joining a sport I desire, lifting weights and progressing to a body that I design.

Josh thank you! I have a new future because of you!


Sara King

I have been working with Josh for almost 1 year and in that time he has helped me reconnect with my confidence and my strength. He pushes past my mental blocks and has me tackling challenges I never thought possible. Josh shares his extensive knowledge so that I clearly understand how to properly and safely perform each movement, and also how each movement affects my body. Josh has been instrumental in my journey to a happier and healthier self. More...

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