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Waterloo Coaching Clinic

Waterloo, ON


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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I have over 20 years of experience coaching individuals and leaders in the private and public sector (specifically IT and healthcare). My background is in Human Resource Management and I am passionate about helping others succeed both in their career and in life.

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16 January 2022

When I applied for a new position at work last year, I was able to anticipate the change in duties, in administration, and in reporting. What I had not anticipated was that this new job was part of the executive team at our multi-national corporation. While I had worked ‘office’ jobs for most of my adult life, rarely had I interacted with the executive. I could do the work; I wasn’t confident in myself enough in myself to do the job, though.

I quickly learned that this meant more than a simple change in dress code. That was when I reached out to Christine. Setting goals and check-ins with Christine has helped me prioritise my work like a CEO, set and maintain an exceptional standard of work which has built and polished my reputation, and brought me recognition for my contributions to not only my team, but other teams that reached out for support and to which I took the plunge and responded. Christine has helped me navigate the transition from ‘production’ mentality to ‘executive’ drive. She helped me find the confidence to not only speak up in client- and director-level meetings by communicating professionally but also to build bridges and seek opportunities for improvement across multiple organisations and stakeholders, too.

My manager has also remarked on how much better she feels about certain challenges our team faces because I am there to manage the risk, and have taken on a coordinator role. When I heard this, I felt like I had finally found the right fit—and it was because Christine helped me find the confidence to do it. This confidence has transferred into my personal life where I have finally started taking better care of my physical self and appearance, which resulted in an improved sense of self-worth and personal representation.

I look forward to my time with Christine as a way of checking my own growth and progress, and also of digging into some of my weaknesses. These are harder to face, as they are always tied to my insecurities; however with Christine’s support, I am turning each weakness at a time into a strength. It isn’t always easy to face the roots of those feelings, but Christine helps remind me I’m not alone and also, there’s always a path forward.
I look back at myself a year ago and am sometimes staggered by how far I’ve come. I am very grateful for the time and commitment Christine has made to help me set and achieve my goals and keep striving for more because, as I’ve learned, I really can do it when I put my mind to it.

Thank you, Christine, for everything you helped me realise I could do.

4 May 2021

Business & Career Coaching

Christine is a great coach. I was all over the map when I reach out to her. She helped me focus, realize my potential and work on my strength. I struggled with anxiety and toxic work environment. She was able to steer me in the right direction leaving behind negativity and looking forward for a new opportunity. Her coaching and guidance have not only helped me secure a new job, but have helped me in putting behind the negativity and put myself back on track. She was there for me every step of the way, and I could not have done it without her. I am so happy that got the opportunity to work with Christine and she will be the first for me to reach out to in the future if I face any career challenges. More...

13 November 2020

Christine is a fantastic executive coach! She has provided me with detailed approaches on how I can consider very difficult and challenging situations. Christine is very engaged in providing her clients with support and guidance that will help them be successful in their pursuits. I would highly recommend Christine, and look forward to my continued engagement with her! More...

19 October 2020

Christine is fantastic to work with. She is always prepared, is so easy to get along with, and most importantly will help you to reach your own conclusions about what you need to do to achieve your goals. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for professional or personal coaching, give Christine a shout. You will find a person who can help you realize in yourself what you need to succeed. More...

6 October 2020

Christine and her coaching were truly incredible. Struggles with anxiety and current job dissatisfaction were bringing me to a place I was not wanting to be. With her empathy, care, compassion and expertise, she helped guide me through ways of confronting my current situation. Not only does she truly listen, her ability to provide constructive feedback while creating personal strategies for individual and unique scenarios is impeccable. A truly genuine and educated professional, with whom I am glad I reached out to for personal growth and life coaching.
J. Horton


Seeing the look of the "aha" moment on a client's face when they come to a life-changing realization. It is so satisfying to see a client transform over a matter of a few short weeks. Coaching works!

Where to begin. So many things have inspired me. Working in human resources for many years taught me to be an outstanding listener. Seeing people become better employees always translated into improving their lives overall.

My son's death from an overdose definitely inspired me to also become a bereavement coach. My loss was so horrific and I didn't know anyone else who had a loss like that. It inspired me to create my own support group for substance loss. It also inspired me to help get the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act passed (google me on that). Now my inspiration comes from helping others move forward with their lives.

Why choose me as your coach? I'm real. I'm empathetic. I'm focused. I'm funny. I can help you change. I can help you become unstuck and move on. I can help you reclaim your life and start living. I build confidence. I reduce anxiety. I help you develop skills you didn't know you had. I allow you to see the light in your cloud of darkness. I'm flexible. I'm here for you.

My coaching practice has and always will be provided either by phone or video conference.

Fortunately, I have not had to make any changes to my practice because of Covid-19.


Everyone could use a little help once in a while. Whether you are struggling with issues in your personal life or professional life, life coaching can provide you with the clarity to make the right decisions and stick with them to make lasting change. Imagine a life without regrets and longing to have more in life.

With over 20 years of experience in human resource management, and 8 years running a business, I understand the challenges professionals face day to day. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder and want help being more effective in your role, or you have been with an organization for several years and are thinking about a change, I can help you navigate your options. I can also help you establish goals to move your career forward to greater success and confidence.

I have experienced several losses in my life - parent, child, pets, friends. Everyone grieves differently and I believe you have the right to grieve the way that feels right for you. I can help you find your path once again if you are feeling lost. There is hope.

Surround yourself with a coach who will be there for you to help you prioritize and objectively decide where and what to focus on to ensure that your skills continue to grow while you help your team develop their skills so that you are on the road to becoming an extraordinary executive and leader.

Sessions are held virtually on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

I will help you set goals and a roadmap for success and achievement. Executives with a coach are more confident in their decisions. More confidence results in a more satisfactory career and personal life.

Contact me today for a confidential one-on-one conversation to learn more about my process and determine if we are a fit to work together.