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Our social media marketing agency saves businesses more time and generate more results. Our company excels in Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and Google Marketing services. Since 2005, our firm has managed over 4,000 social media marketing campaigns.

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28 February 2019

This is the second time we have outsourced for marketing and by far VM Solutions has surpassed what we anticipated. From my experience most companies will post a few ads and manage what ever Social Media presence you have. ...VM has put together a real Marketing Machine! Things we never thought about doing. We are seeing both sales and opportunity growth from every suggesting, from every ad, from every campaign. Thanks VMS team, looking forward to much success with you! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

22 February 2019

I need to thank Visual Marketing Solution for all the knowledge and effort they have put into all our endeavors. I own a call center in Costa Rica and have been able onboard another 7 new clients because of the results that are driven from Visual Marketing Solution. Their unique way of finding and sourcing leads through social media marketing has allowed my business to see a huge influx of leads coming into our door. By having this huge influx of leads we have been able to close more business and solidify business relationships. I would recommend Visual Marketing Solution to any serious business who is looking for real results. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

18 February 2019

I’m definitely impressed and want to thank you for helping me create, launch and maintain my shopify store, drive interested customers and in turn drive sales to my page. I would recommend you guys to everyone! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

18 February 2019

VM Solution gave me and my family step by step guidance on how to grow my online business, helped me create a shopify store, pick my niche and even bring customers right to my page. Having a second income with my online business has given me time freedom to spend with my family, very thankful to you guys. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

17 February 2019

The effective way! thanks

Reviewed on Facebook


A great website always starts with a great experience team working on it, that know what your needs are what who your ideal customers will be.

#1. Who is your ideal customer?
This question helps you focus in on your sweet spot. Ideal can mean many things — who can you deliver the greatest value to, who do you enjoy working with, who needs what you do most. Give some thought to how you might reach them and appeal to them. Use your most successful accounts to date to help you think about what makes them ideal for you. (Hint: they are profitable and talk about you.)
#2. What core problem do you solve for ideal customers?
Think about what your customers core problem is. This question lets you discover the real value about you, your services/products and your company. Write a description of the problems you solve for ideal clients.
#3. Who are your primary competitors?
If you’re going to war, you must know your enemy. Smart marketers employ some form of competitive research in an effort to better understand what products and services, pricing models and value propositions they are up against.
#4. What is your primary competitive advantage?
Trying to figure out how to be better than the competition — better product, better service, better features, and better price is worthless. In my opinion focusing on building a better process or better relationships is the surest and maybe simplest way to create a true competitive advantage that someone might care about.
#5. What is your sample offer to first time customers?
Today’s shift in buying now demands a very tangible way prospects can experience your offer. Buyers want a understanding of what they’re potentially buying, and they want it right away — essentially a buyer wants the opportunity to see and experience a service/product in action very early on. The answer is offering prospects a way to sample your expertise, product or service. This can be in the form of free consultations, money-back guarantees, demos, seminars, proof of concept, audits, trail offers, assessments, etc.
#6. What is your maximum cost to acquire a new customer?
I think the cost of acquiring a new customer is one of those data points that is critical to understand in any business. Once you understand the lifetime value of a customer, you can determine how much you’re willing to pay in new customer acquisition costs. For example, if the lifetime value of your average customer is $1,000, anything you spend under that in new customer acquisition costs will be profit — or the marginal net worth of your average customer.
#7. How many new customers you can handle per month?
The customer experience is everything today. You must make sure your organization is equipped to handle incoming request and on-boarding new clients. Ruin this in a social driven world and you’re doomed.
#8. How do you ensure prompt follow-up on sales inquiries?
Lack of a process approach to selling is the biggest weakness for most small businesses. Installing a sales process, one that everyone involved in selling in the organization operates, is the fastest way to improve overall results. I’ve seen lead conversion rates go from 3% to over 50% when all of the parts of a marketing and sales process work together.
#9. What target keywords do you want to rank in Google?
Keyword research has long been the primary tool for search engine optimization plans. The idea was that you found out what people in your industry were searching for and you optimized your site and pages to try to show up on page one — pretty simple. Today, I believe that content is the primary tool for optimizing your effectiveness is just about every channel your clients use — it’s the key to SEO, social media sharing, referrals, email marketing and even online and offline advertising.
#10. How do you measure marketing investments?
Management consultant extraordinaire Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Now, while terms like measurement and management might seem like big company jargon, the fact is you can’t successfully grow a business unless you track what works and what doesn’t work.
We suggest using Google analytics or vendor specific analytic tools to measure your marketing. It gives real time reporting on social media, inbound links, seo, keywords and Pay per click marketing campaigns.

We stand out amongst every other marketing company by not just charging a fee upfront, instead we only charge when results are delivered to you

We are a set of question based on the industry the customers in to better understand what they need.
Everything else is done on our side.

Favourite part of my job is when we deliver more leads and sales to a business, increasing revenue and seeing how happy our customers are with our services

As entrepreneurs we always are passionate for more growth and reach higher and higher each time, having a business that offers that services to others is the most inspiring thing a business can accomplish.

Our results speak for themselves, in the business we are in it’s not about just charging a fee it’s about building rapport and really getting to know who your customers are to better service their needs.
We don’t charge a fee unless we make you money first.


Develop Brand Awareness
Building relationships- Engagement
Develop Brand Awareness
Increasing Website Exposure -Traffic
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