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Unlocked Fitness and Nutrition

Toronto, ON


Personalized coaching, regular communication, accountability, progress tracking, sleep and stress management, exercise guidance, education and strong science-based recommendations.

If you’re sick of being confused by contradictory information in the media and on the internet.

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With years of experience coaching individuals of all ages and backgrounds, we've stacked up thousands of lbs of fat lost, and thousands of lbs of muscle gained; helped clinch championships, and grasp long-held dreams. We're known for customized, science-backed coaching plans based on your unique physiology. What sets us apart? We're by your side every single step of the way, throughout your journey.

No more fad diets, or general recommendations that don’t take into account you as a unique individual. Say goodbye to programs that promise results but leave you without access to a knowledgeable professional whenever you need them, or make false promises that lack sound scientific support. We coach with real life in mind and understand the importance of navigating social situations, restaurants, vacations and stress without sacrificing your work, family, or enjoyment of life. Our goal is to accelerate the process of finding the most effective strategies that work for you while balancing your most important areas of life. You can have both for overall success and fulfillment.