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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


The journey towards financial prosperity starts with proper education, guidance and discipline. We encourage our clients to treat their finances like a successful business by taking advice from professionals and also being engaged in the process.

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14 September 2021

“My finances made me sick”

I have been working with Araceli for just over 1 year now and it has absolutely changed my life. I am a professional and making great money has never been an issue for me however managing it was!
I have always known that ‘its not how much you make, its how much you save’ and sadly saving was never really a priority for me until my husband and I started a family. We then got serious and began to dabble in stocks, real estate and Seg funds always getting direction from so called “experts” but never really getting ahead.
Its was only after going through a health crisis and having to dip into our savings that I realized that we were in big trouble. My health was quickly declining and our savings was rapidly being depleted. My income took a hard hit when I got sick and I was no longer capable of providing for my family in the same capacity.
Upon meeting Araceli I was sceptical and thought she was going to be just like the other advisors I had done business with in the past. I put meeting with her off for almost a year because I was embarrassed about my situation and really believed that I was way beyond her help. I wanted to “clean things up” before I let her see the financial mess I believed I was in. What a mistake on my part!!!!!
Over the last year, Araceli has helped me look at, organize and bring light to my finances in a way that I didn’t think was possible. In this last year, since I began working with her, I have been able to pay off more than $60k of debt, increase my entire family’s life insurance, increase our savings and investments all while having a spending account that allows me to spend money without feeling guilty. Please know that all of this happened without me increasing my income, just better guidance and money management.
Now 1 year later, my finances are in order and I am on track for accumulating real wealth. I have more spending money then ever before and the best thing is my health has improved greatly. Araceli seriously saved me and I cannot thank her enough.

22 August 2021

I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to have found Araceli 2 years ago at a free finance educational event she was hosting. She is so humble, understanding, brilliant, and authentic. You can instantly tell just how invested she is in your financial well-being. I feel so reassured and empowered knowing that I have someone like Araceli by my side always. Araceli has helped me re-evaluate major financial investments before I made them and I couldn't be more grateful that she had opened my eyes to seeing things realistically before I went ahead and drowned myself in major debt! I'll still be in touch with Araceli 30 years from now lol, because I know I will be that much more powerful with such an expert at my disposal. Just shoot her a message on LinkedIn; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you so much, Araceli!!! More...

28 July 2021

I met Araceli Hernandez more than 10 years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made was to meet with her about financial planning. She wasn't pushy and I have never felt pressured to do anything she suggested. When I first met her, I expressed my concerns about risk tolerance and she listened. I appreciate her vast knowledge and expertise and her continuous effort to grow my financial portfolio. Fast forward to today, I'm in an excellent financial position because of Araceli's advice. My son is also well on his way to saving for his future with his RSP! I strongly believe that everyone should have a financial advisor but working with someone like Araceli is key to making well-informed decisions." More...


Women are becoming the main decision-maker in the home, this is a very underserved market. I love to connect with professional women that want to take charge of their financial life and make things happen. Finances are major stress for most people if not handled correctly. I love to see how women change their outcome in life by taking charge of their financial affairs.

Going thru several transitions in my own life, I realized that each one affected my financial life and was harder and harder to recover, I have worked as a professional in the corporate world I hit a glass ceiling when my divorced happened, everything changed for me and I decided to learn finances and now I love to help women do the same.

Unlike other advisors that just come up with a product, I guide you thru the process and help you organize your budget and cash flow to maximize what you have, we find the money first to get a solution that is sustainable.

I now serve all Ontario via virtual calls. I am happy to provide financial coaching as well as financial products all remotely.

by having remote virtual calls, I minimize the live contact with the same great service brought to your own home.


The beginning of a great financial plan comes from budgeting and cash flow management.
I make this process stress-free if this is something you have been avoiding this is a great time to get this going. It will change your life.


I am a life insurance broker. I work for you and not the insurance company. I will be able to find the best rate and best match for your situation.
If you have had health challenges in the past and you haven't been able to get coverage. With a consultation, I may be able to get you covered.

Living benefits policies are a necessity now. These policies will protect you in case you are not able to work due to an accident or sickness. Get an assessment to see if disability or critical illness insurance is for you.

Estate planning isn’t only for the rich, as many would think. Without a plan in place, settling your affairs after you go could have a long-lasting, and costly impact on your loved ones, even if you don’t have a pricey home, large investment accounts, or valuable art to pass on.
Passing on legacy efficiently is what estate planning will do for you, if you are in a blended family situation, this is a must to do.