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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Storm, fog, chaos. Life can be like the weather... difficult to navigate and hard to manage at times. Even when the storms are over and we can see what’s in front of us we're not always able to identify where we are or what direction we need to go in.

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4 February 2021

I sought out Tonia’s services while going through a major life transition of going back to university after ten years. I knew that this transition was going to be difficult but with the help of Tonia, I was able to quickly restructure my routines and habits to accommodate my new lifestyle. This set me up for success and I was able to ace all my exams in the first semester all while finding the balance in life that I was looking for.
The reason I think Tonia’s method works it because she breaks down large tasks into achievable steps all while linking different aspects of your life that you may not think are that important. For example, one of our first steps was decluttering my study area. I never realized how much having a tidy, functional work space increases your study efficiency dramatically and makes other tasks such as planning all that much easier. When working with Tonia, she will take a holistic approach and create a plan of action that is catered specifically to you and your goals. I would highly recommend Tonia to anyone looking to restructure their life, eliminate any unwanted clutter, whether it be physical or mental, and find balance in their life.

2 February 2021

Tonia showed up at the right moment in my life when I was in dire need of organizing several areas of my life. I took the Life Design Workshop and I feel enormously lucky to have been guided and supported by Tonia. She's enthusiastic, engaged and a very good listener and she's got a knack for distilling key information from participants. I finished the course feeling empowered and much better equipped to organize my life in a way to make it a little easier and to devote my time to things that makes life worth living. More...

2 February 2021

The value of working with Tonia was immediately apparent. Her system broke down my personal goals into managed, incremental changes and helped me to focus on sustained change that would benefit not only myself but also my business.

I highly recommend Tonia’s services – anyone can benefit from the process and reap the professional and personal rewards of establishing a better relationship with your personal environment and yourself

11 June 2020

I did online coaching sessions with Tonia with the goal of finding clarity on my professional goals. With her guidance, I made a vision for many areas of my life and started taking steps in that direction. I let go of physical and emotional stuff I no longer needed and I applied to job opportunities that were in tune with my values, wants and needs. I'm happy to say my apartment looks and feels better and soon after my sessions with Tonia ended, I got a job offer for a position that was better than what I had imagined. More...


- minimal information
- clearly communicate WHY you do what you do
- easy navigation and friendly user interface
- lots of white space
- content and images that reflect the intentions of your business

Why do you want to create this business project etc.?
How does it align with your intentions, values and goals?
What would it ideally look like?
What's getting in the way?

Problem solving
Helping people change
Being creative
Creating Systems
Organizing spaces, information and ideas

Wanting to help people create a business or lifestyle to match their intentions and life purpose.

I take an integrated approach to creating change that addresses getting minimizing clutter, getting organized and looking at habits that need to change in order to achieve set out goals.

Yes, I do session on zoom or google meet. Clients receive a link prior to the session and sessions usually run for 45 mins.

I adapted to only sessions with clients since Jan 2020 and created online documents and resources for clients to reference.


- Clarify your inner intentions + goals
- Minimize clutter (time, mindset, and physical) getting in the way of making change
- Organize and design your physical spaces to create an environment that will support your goals
- Organize your schedule and tasks in a realistic, manageable way (that leaves room for life to happen!)
- Create time and space organizing systems that integrate with your life
- Address clutter creating habits, routines and mindset tendencies to ensure lasting changes


Online - $80 + HST / for 45 minute session
In Person - $100 + HST / hour=
In Person (Team of 2 Organizers) - $135 + HST / hour

- Clarify your inner intentions + goals
- Address and eliminate barriers (time, mindset, and physical) to create focus and identify priorities
- System creation and task management: providing actionable steps and strategies based on individual working style and needs
- Branding and business strategy: content development, web design, project design and implementation
- Build confidence and reduce stress around decision-making and taking action
- Provide support and accountability to ensure goals are achieved

Online - $80 + HST / for 45 minute session
In Person - $100 + HST / hour