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NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia

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We provide comprehensive financial planning, tax preparation and accounting services. We prepare approximately 500 personal tax returns annually, most are complex involving a combination of T2125 business schedules, T776 rental schedules, and T5008 related to the disposition of stocks, bonds, and the sale of real estate.

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Only the best...haha With accounting services you receive an accurate picture of what has transpired. With budgeting you hope to achieve an outcome that builds on this, and with financial planning, you hope all this hard work results in a higher net worth and a path towards financial independence so that eventually you are working because you want to, and not because you have to.

It's not very well known, but the best way to gauge the quality of an accountant is to determine whether or not he/she is meeting critical filing deadlines. Accountants who miss deadlines, are a liability to you, not an asset. We take meeting deadlines extremely seriously. We (often that means me) will work evenings, nights, weekend, and holidays if necessary to meet the deadlines that we've committed ourselves to. So accounting isn't just knowledge, though that's important, rather it's a combination of knowledge, effort and committing to your clients needs. I tell people that I if we prepare 500 personal tax returns, or 80 corporate tax returns, then that's how many bosses we have. Each one of these people has the ability to fire me, conversely, if they like you, and appreciate your efforts, each one can also bring you additional clients. And since many of our clients have been with us for 20+ years we us that as a gauge for how we're doing.

I love helping people. We provide a service, and in some cases such as when a single mother who hasn't file her taxes for 2-3 years gets thousands of dollars in retroactive child tax benefits, it's a very valuable service. I have some clients who will not renew their mortgages or make any important financial decisions without my involvement. I take that very seriously.

Well I actually bought this business in 1994. I also wanted to be able to control my own destiny and get rewarded for the work I do.

Well if you've read all that's been written, I hope you've come to realize that I'm passionate about what I do and I'm an extremely hard worker who has a lot of knowledge, but knows that ongoing learning is a big part of this business, and before you agree to provide a certain service to a client, know what you know, and more importantly know what you don't know.