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For almost 32 years, Strategic Learning Clinic has identified the root of a student's learning challenges and addresses them with a wide range of remedial and neuroplasticity programs. We teach students the skills they need to become successful, independent learners.

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Traditional methods such as tutoring may not be the definitive answer. Nothing is more important to us than giving your child the best future and the happiest life possible. With our specialized programs, talented and dedicated staff, and thorough process, the Clinic addresses the root causes of a student’s learning difficulties, providing them with the skills they will need in the future.

In 1989, Karen Foley co-founded Strategic Learning Clinic as a response to parents’ need for an alternative to standard tutoring methods.

Many parents come to us overwhelmed by the many tutoring options available in the marketplace today and unsure about how to make the right choice for their child. The reality is that most tutoring – whether delivered by a mature student, a classroom teacher or in small groups at centres – relies on worksheets and repetition with the hopes that the more a child practices a subject, the better they will get at it. Unfortunately this approach doesn’t resolve most academic problems.

At Strategic Learning Clinic, instead of tutoring, we offer a unique teaching approach designed to get to the root of the problem. Our specialized programs are effective because they are based on the most current research about how students learn and because they are delivered by experienced teachers who work one-on-one with our students at their own pace. This approach repeatedly gets results – even when other methods have failed.


At Strategic Learning Clinic, we offer a study skills course for both elementary and high school students. The course is done through one-to-one tutoring with a qualified teacher and usually takes approximately 25 hours, with students coming into the centre once or twice a week. Courses vary by the age and ability of each individual student.

Students learn:
• how to become independent, active learners
• how to manage their time
• how to organize their homework
• how to take notes, extracting important information in a systematic way
• how the brain works and how to memorize relevant material
• how to prepare for tests and reduce test anxiety
• how to succeed!

Students are given every opportunity to transfer the skills taught in this course to their curriculum. We request that children bring their school textbooks and notes, and we teach them how to put these study skills into practice with their actual schoolwork and assignments. They are also taught test-taking strategies that will help them perform better on tests or exams. Students develop lifelong study strategies that they can apply throughout school and on to CEGEP and university.

We would be pleased to work with your children to prepare them for writing entrance exams for their chosen high schools. The program will consist of two three-hour workshops offered prior to the entrance exams.

Workshop 1 will focus on how to answer practice questions on basic skills in English: reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, etc. and mathematics. Students will also learn how to clearly and succinctly communicate ideas in writing.
Workshop 2 will focus on presenting oneself in an interview. Academic concepts will also be reviewed.

These two workshops will give students confidence and help to alleviate anxiety related to the exam and interview process. Our program includes study questions and take-home note packages to ensure that each student is fully prepared. Space is limited.

emedial instruction can help students who are struggling in school improve their basic skills in reading, writing, or math (both English and French). Specialized support can help students catch up to their peers, even if a learning gap is not the result of a disability. Our remedial programs aim to eliminate the gap between what a child knows and what they are expected to know. With specialized individual attention, they can build their skills and confidence so that they are able to reach their true potential.

Brain training programs can help rewire the neural pathways of the brain for children with weak language skills, auditory processing problems, difficulties with reading and spelling, ADHD, poor memory, and a number of other learning problems.

If your child is having difficulty learning or has been diagnosed with a learning disability, consider a course of action that will definitively address the root cause of the problem.

Through individualized instruction, we are able to focus on the individual learning needs of our students. By taking into account each student’s learning style and focusing on their strengths, we help them achieve academic and personal success.

We help elementary, high school, CEGEP, and university students learn the subject content of their classes. We also help students prepare for end-of-year MELS exams at the elementary and high school levels, such as the Canadian History and Citizenship Education, Math, and Science and Technology courses at the end of grade 10.

Our skills-based workshops are unique in that they address the process of writing the final exam while teaching students the skills they will need on exam day. Content-based tutoring does not achieve this objective. These workshops will also give your child confidence and help alleviate any stress and/or anxiety related to the exam. Course content packages and practice materials will be provided. Space is limited.

The workshops are open to students writing the exam in French; even though the workshops will be conducted in English, every student who has completed our program in the past has been successful on the exam in French.

We feel that we are able to offer a comprehensive approach that will not only prepare students for their exam but also provide them with essential learning skills in preparation for CEGEP. We appreciate the opportunity of working with your child.