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Sound Property Management was founded in 2009 in an effort to better serve landlords, from those who are terrified, just starting out with their first rental property, all the way to busy landlords with a large portfolio in Ottawa.

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We totally understand the hassle, annoyance, fear and sleepless nights when you rent out your first rental property. We've been there. We know for a fact that we improve quality of life for all of our landlords.

Our landlord didn't have to take a call on Christmas eve at 11pm by an angry tenant's mother because her basement allegedly smelled poopy. No joke.

Our landlord didn't have to bring the keys to an apartment at 2am because the tenant had locked themselves out.

Our landlord didn't have to worry about having all the paperwork ducks in a row when they had to evict a tenant because the tenant wasn't paying rent.

Our landlord didn't have to worry when two tenants were arguing over noises produced by each other.

The list of weird experiences go on. The fact is that we've seen and dealt with a lot of strange stuff. The good thing is that we've been through the steep learning curve of figuring out what to do in the guidelines of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board so that you can actually go to sleep at night.

We heard the horror stories of being a landlord, but the prospect of owning an asset that would keep on producing a steady stream of cash flow was worth the risk. When we upgraded our house and rented our first house, our journey of being landlords started. We joined OREIO, our local real estate investor group, traveled to attend real estate investing conferences and read book after book, like Don Campbell's "Real Estate Investing In Canada". Even though our road was bumpy, we ploughed ahead to add to our real estate portfolio. After seeing our success, our mother bought a triplex and asked us to manage her property. Soon, other landlords asked us to manage their property as well. "Why not?" we figured.

Why make mistakes, lose money and lose sleep when someone else has already done it for you - and learned lessons? That may sound like it reflects badly on us, but we know how to navigate the minefield of being a landlord.

We can be emailed, called and texted by our landlords and tenants. We also use a state of the art cloud based property management system where you (as a landlord) can log in see your income, expenses, maintenance records and all details about your property whenever you want. Our tenants can also reach us through this system to send us messages or maintenance requests.

Any employee or contractor is required to be masked when meeting people at the property and when while inside the property.


We handle all aspects of finding a new tenant such as:

Advertise your rental property;
Answer prospective tenant inquiries;
Book showings;
Show your rental property;
Review rental applications;
Collect first and last month rent deposits;
Screen prospective tenants by calling references,
verifying employment and reviewing credit reports; and
Complete lease agreements with qualified tenants.

If you're ready to use a new property management company to look after your rental property, we can quickly add you as a client, inspect your property, immediately deal with any issues that require addressing, and happily deal with your existing tenants.

We screen your prospective tenants by:
Verifying employment;
Calling references (both personal references and previous landlord references); and
Ordering and assessing prospective tenant credit reports.

With a real estate broker on our team and with 12 years in the business, you can bet our leases are up to date with the most protective clauses for our landlords.

We provide the lease agreement, explain each clause to both landlord and tenant and provide both parties with the ability to digitally sign the lease document.

At the time of the lease signing, we also collect first and last month's rent from the tenant and hold the last month rent for the landlord.

Check-in / Moving in day: We meet the tenant at the rental property and provide keys. At that time, we go through the property and inspect the condition of the property and the tenant signs and agrees that the rental property meets this standard.

Inventory: Sometimes lawnmowers and other items for use on the property is left for the tenant use. These items are described on the lease agreement.

Check-out / Move out day: The tenant provides us with notice that they will be moving out. The property is inspected prior to the tenant moving out so that the tenant is reminded of their responsibilities. The tenant is met by us on moving out day, where we collect the keys from the tenant and change the locks.

Inspections: All properties that we manage are regularly inspected by us with a comprehensive checklist.

Rent collection: We collect rent on the first day of every month. If tenants have not paid their rent, proper legal forms from the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board are sent out to the tenant.

Payment to landlords: We pay the landlord the monthly rent, minus expenses, by bank deposit in the middle of each month.

While we can never guarantee that a tenant will pay rent, we can guarantee that we will send all relevant tenant notices according to the rules of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board so that you can use every legal measure to collect outstanding rent and evict if necessary.

If we are notified of any repair or maintenance issue by the tenant, or if we detect an issue when we are inspecting the property, we will quickly respond and send qualified technicians to address the issue.

Regular maintenance of certain systems in your property is scheduled in our cloud based system, so that nothing will ever be neglected.

Recently the law changed so that only property owners, their paralegals / lawyers can apply to evict a tenant. However, as your property management company, we understand the process. We deliver the appropriate tenant notices so that you have the proper documentation and paperwork in order to apply for an eviction. We will also help you find a paralegal or lawyer who specializes in tenant issues if you need.

We manage groups of properties, such as groups of single family homes, groups of townhouses, condos, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes etc.

If your loved one has left you real estate property, we can help you evaluate all of your options. Our Real Estate Broker, Asokan Thurairajah, can tell you what actions and renovations need to be done in order to sell or rent your property. He'll also give you an estimate of how much the property can sell or rent for along with all the expenses to expect. We are happy to help you with renting or selling your property, whichever route you decide to go.

Our Real Estate Broker, Asokan Thurairajah, can give you a rent estimate range with real time comparable rental property data in your area, so that you are neither overpricing (and letting your property sit empty), or underpricing (and you've lost monthly income).