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Just Imagine what it would feel like to be able to pick up a guitar and instantly play your favorite songs without even thinking about it.

How would it feel to play guitar for your friends and have every sound coming from your guitar sound like it was coming from your phone or music player?


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28 October 2020

I've been taking guitar lessons with Rick for 2+ years. I started as an absolute beginner and now I can play lots of stuff! He's wonderful and patient and really knows the guitar and how to teach it. I highly recommend! More...

Hey Laurel! Thanks so much for your kind words. And I enjoy every single lesson with you. You're so upbeat and fun, it's a joy to teach you. And coming from a University professor it's so nice of you to comment on my teaching skills. Time for me to be your student lol. Thanks again.

27 October 2020

I've been Rick's student for almost 9 years, learning techniques and a wide range of skills on the acoustic and electric guitar. I really enjoy Rick's style of teaching, his outgoing personality, and the amount of work he puts into each lesson. I can't put into words how much I've learned and have grown in my guitar playing, not to mention the happiness and endless opportunities guitar playing has brought to my life. I am incredibly grateful that I met Rick when I first picked up the guitar, or else I may never have learned and grown this much in my guitar playing. More...

Hey Conner! Thanks so much for your kind words. You have grown immensely as a musician. I remember the first time you and I played live together on stage, I thought you were going pass out lol. But now we can't keep you off the stage. I'm very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep playing and thank you for choosing me to help you learn guitar.

26 October 2020

Ive been taking lessons from Rick for close to ten years now. He is a wonderful teacher and very fun to work with. Ive learned so much being his student, studying both acoustic and electric guitar. He’s guided me in expanding my taste in music and knowledge about the guitar as well as the music scene of the 60s and 70s. His teaching style makes it so that every lesson you feel like you’ve improved and have another song and skill under your belt. From young learners to adults, Rick is a very intelligent guitar player and a great teacher. He also tells the best stories! More...

Thanks Charlotte for your very kind words. Yes, I've watched you grow into a wonderful young musician always anxious for the next lesson. And thank-you for being such a wonderful listener. Yes I love to tell stories about each artist we study. I believe it helps to get into the head of the artist to better think about and feel the musical composition they intended to present. It's so much fun to try and think like the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin for that mater lol. As you've seen many times, when you can find the groove, you got it! You're a terrific student Charlotte. You are always prepared and an absolute joy to teach. Thanks again!

25 October 2020

Working with Rick is an amazing experience. I always have so much fun with him during lessons and he is an amazing mentor and friend. He's taught me so much and help me build a solid foundation for my guitar playing. Thanks Rick!! More...

Hi Owen! Thank you very much for your kind inspiring words. I too look forward to every Saturday at noon. You're doing really well and thanks again for all your practicing and hard work.

25 October 2020

It's been amazing learning with Rick! He's been teaching me for almost 2 years and I have learned so much. Even when the pandemic started, we were able to meet through Skype and continue the lessons.

Hello there Connor! Man you have come a long way. When you first started, you barely knew the difference between the guitar and the case it came in lol! Now look at you. You're playing big kid guitar and its sounding great. Thanks again for all your hard work!

25 October 2020

It really has been rewarding since I started lessons with Red Guitar. Trying to learn from tabs and online videos was, after a while, just frustrating and unproductive. But Rick is so positive and persistent, it’s like he is pulling me up as he demonstrates and then reinforces new patterns and skills on the guitar. He is right with me, at my pace, showing and guiding me to the right ways that work best. Now I like how I sound when I play.

When I started with Red Guitar, I got better fast, and the instrument just keeps opening up with each new skill and technique. Each song is chosen to teach specific skills or concepts, which get locked in as you play the song. The Red Guitar method is really works for me and it’s a blast!

Thanks Rick!

Hey Paul! Our lessons together really are a blast! And thanks so much for practicing. What seems impossible at times...you always work it out by next lesson. Keep up the good work and play that guitar!

25 October 2020

Outstanding! Rick is the best guitar teacher around! Highly recommend for kids or adults!

Thanks for the kind words Katie! Mitch is a joy to teach and I look forward to each and every lesson together.

25 October 2020

I have been taking lessons for a number of years and I have learned many different songs and skills. I have done on-line lessons for about a year and they are as good as being in the studio.

Thanks Mike! I really enjoy our sessions together. You have really turned a corner with your guitar playing. Keep up the great work. You are becoming an accomplished guitarist.

24 October 2020

The lessons are great 👍 Great teacher. Able to adapt to the student style of learning.

Thanks Zameer! We really do have fun every lesson.

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"Even after 38 years of playing and teaching, I never get tired of seeing the happy smiles from beginners as they rip off their first "G Chord." I mean...how could you...right? I know it's really not the "G Chord" that gives me so much pleasure it's just the pure joy of watching another young guitarist discover it.

It's very cool!

The guitar has given me many wonderful hours of enjoyment and has lifted my spirits during the sad times too. It has always been by my side just like a good friend.

The guitar has allowed me to do things in life that I never thought possible before I started my own guitar teaching business:

I was confident that eventually I would have the ability, money and time to help others learn to play the guitar.

I somehow knew that if I became the best teacher that I could be, I would have more time to spend with my family.

And I was truly hoping that as a person, I would learn more from my students than they will ever learn from me and those student interactions would eventually give me more self-esteem.

By becoming the absolute best guitar teacher that I could be, I knew I would eventually have much more freedom to do the things that I wanted to do.

Now what was once a dream has finally become a reality for me, forming my own company to teach guitar.

Welcome to Red Guitar!"

Even if you've never owned or played a guitar before, everyone feels totally comfortable with the Red Guitar program.

And unique to Red Guitar is The Red Guitar S.T.A.R.T. Method, a customized lesson program which is designed to give you the ability to learn exactly what you want, from a safe and certified instructor, in a fun and encouraging environment.

You let us know what bands you like to listen to, who your favourite artists are, what kind of songs you would like to learn and what your musical dreams and goals are.

I've been keeping track and I've found that students learn to play very quickly using our program because they're having a lot of fun learning exactly what they told us they wanted to learn. So our students gladly practice because practice time becomes their fun time.

When it's time for you to take that big step and decide to have tons of fun learning how to play the guitar, I'm here for you and excited to work with you.

Every single student is different and I have great respect for students of all ages who want to put themselves out there to learn to play the guitar.

It takes tremendous courage to learn how to play an instrument and I will never take that for granted.

The guitar is a tough instrument to learn, but the good news for each and every student, regardless of background is that learning how to play the guitar CAN be learned.

With guidance, coaching, motivation and practice, I'm extremely proud of the fact that every single student at Red Guitar learns how to play the guitar.

There's one thing I know for sure... you are going to have a lot of fun.

I hope to see you soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and Q & A,

Rick Fysh
Owner/Red Guitar