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Hello! My name is Osman Mao I am a freelance content creator, filmmaker/cinematographer, photographer, and graphic designer all rolled into one. I’ve worked on various USAID short documentaries, as well as Online Commercials for businesses and music videos for Artists.

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For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with cinema. Even as a child if there was a movie on, I was hooked for potentially hours. The ability to tell a story and share an experience through images, dialogue, and music is almost a spiritual experience for me.

It all started out as a hobby, as a kid, I would take my father's camcorder and create short clips for my enjoyment. As time went by, I started producing music videos for high school artists. Eventually, the hobby transformed into an enjoyable career.

I enjoy working with people who have inspiring stories and turning them into a work of art.


Creating visual audio content by following trends in design and communications. I approach each project in a fresh and comprehensive manner to deliver a one-of-the-kind video. With my extensive marketing and design background, my videos meet and exceed the client’s goals.

I provide storyboarding directing, producing, editing, and cinematography services for any film project desired.

Please see my previous work and If you like any of my videos don't forget to shoot me an email.